Church of Brunch

Few things are as perfect, as magical, as Brunch.  It is pure indulgence, no matter what you have on your plate.  Brunch is for those who are unsure as to whether they want breakfast or lunch, but they are sure they want a cocktail.  Brunch is perfectly suited for those who enjoy sleeping in, perhaps having overdone it the night before, and still having a cup of coffee and french toast at 2 in the afternoon with no judgement.  Brunch is for those who enjoy taking their time and dining without time restrictions.  Three hour Brunch?  Not a problem!  But mainly, Brunch is for those who can take the time out to appreciate life and the people that keep them sane.  For taking a few hours in the middle of the day to simply stop and enjoy the company of friends and family over a leisurely meal and a cocktail or two.  Or three.  Or, well, you get the idea.  If Brunch is done right, Kittens, it can be better than therapy.

It is incredibly difficult to be a bitch during Brunch.  It is always indulgent - always pleasurable.  There are breakfast meetings, working lunches, and client dinners.  But Brunch?  That is for you.  A few hours that you carve out of your hectic life to decompress and unwind.  You spend it with people near and dear to you, covering many important topics and just as many unimportant.  It reminds you how amazing life can be, how the simplest pleasures can be the greatest.  I firmly believe that those who don't understand the institution of Brunch, don't understand life's simple pleasures and I find that incredibly sad.  

Brunch doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, it just has to be sincere.  Trying to fake your way through Brunch is a sin.  And Kittens, I consider Brunch a religion - attending 'church' as often as possible.  I've been trying to 'Bring Brunch Back' for a long time now.  It's Very Classy.  Very Ladylike.  Very Vintage.  We've all heard of Ladies who Lunch, well, I've assembled a small group of Ladies who Brunch.  It's a very serious, very pleasurable, business.  To the point that, my Brunch Partner in Crime, Stephanie of Love & Lace, and I have come up with The Brunch Commandments.  While I think we've covered many things, this is a living document and will be updated as we deem necessary.  Also, I'll be listing out the Brunch spots I visit and blog about so that there is a comprehensive list if you'd like to broaden your Brunch repertoire.

1. Respect the Brunch
2. Cocktails are required
3. Thou shalt not rush through Brunch
4. Brunch must not commence prior to 10:00 AM
5. You must be at least 46" to Brunch this Brunch
6. Everything is better bottomless
7. Weekend only Brunch?  Amateur.
8. Brunch is an institution.  Dress accordingly.

-5 & 10  Athens, GA.  Original Post
-Bistro Du Soleil  Playa del Rey, CA.  Original Post
-Bubby's  Tribeca, NY.  Original Post
-Cedar Creek Inn  Brea, CA.  Originial Post
-FIG  Santa Monica, CA.  Original Post
-FIG & OLIVE  West Hollywood, CA.  Original Post
-Habana  Costa Mesa, CA.  Original Post
-La Creperie Cafe  Long Beach, CA.  Original Post
-La Petite Crêperie  Mar Vista, CA.  Original Post
-Old Vine Café  Costa Mesa, CA.  Original Post
-Panini Cafe  Aliso Viejo, CA.  Original Post
-Pann's  Westchester, CA.  Original Post
-Plums Café  Costa Mesa, CA.  Original Post
-Queensview  Long Beach, CA.  Original Post
-Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen  Anaheim, CA.  Original Post
-Skylight Gardens  Westwood, CA.  Original Post
-The Misfit  Santa Monica, CA.  Original Post
-The Strand House  Manhattan Beach, CA.  Original Post

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