Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brunch 03.16.2014 - Birthday Celebration on the Harbor

Queensview Steakhouse at Parker's Lighthouse, Long Beach

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

Most years, March is a month-long birthday celebration.  This year, it was just a two week long celebration, but with how fabulous it was, I was quite alright with that.  Since I had a houseguest on my actual birthday and through the following weekend, I got together with the fabulous ladies of my family the weekend after.  It should not be a surprise that I chose to celebrate with Brunch!

When it came to picking a place, one of my first thoughts was Parker's Lighthouse.  We've lunched there twice before and both times were amazing, so I went to the menu tab on their website.  And there was no Brunch menu.  Parker's Lighthouse doesn't offer Brunch?  WHAT?  No Brunch?  How?  Why?

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I poked around a bit and found a Brunch menu on the Queensview Steakhouse site.  Turns out, this isn't a separate restaurant, but is located on the third floor of Parker's Lighthouse.  All was, once again, right with the world.  I LOVE this location!  Part of Shoreline Village, the restaurant is right across the Long Beach Harbor from the Queen Mary.  It's an absolutely beautiful setting for any meal.

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In this particular case, we were Brunching!  And I was super excited!!  Happy Birthday to me.  Literally.

The menu may not be super extensive, but it's super amazing!

Like any respectable Brunch, my mother and I started this one with Mimosas.

Sylvi ordered some type of bourbon cocktail and Oma partook in the Bloody Mary Bar.

Sylvi may not have known exactly what she was doing, but Oma was very happy with the Bloody Mary that she made for her.  With how fancy the Blood Mary Bar was, I suppose it's pretty difficult for anyone to construct a bad one...

While we waited for our food, we enjoyed our cocktails and the spectacular view.

Once the food arrived, no one gave any more thought to the view.  This was one of the absolute BEST Brunches I've ever had!

Oma and I ordered the Crab Cake Benedict.  It. Was. Divine.  And the Sundried Tomato BĂ©arnaise Sauce?  I can't even talk about it...

 Sylvi ordered the Norwegian Smoked Salmon Scramble.

 And my mother ordered the Flatiron Steak and Eggs.

Everyone's plates looked like this when they were done.  I'm not even sure that any conversation was had once the plates hit the table.  Everyone's brains kind of short circuited for a bit...

Per birthday tradition, after we ate, there were presents.

After that, we enjoyed a complimentary birthday Strawberry Panna Cota.  

Coupled with our 'adult' coffees, it was the perfect way to end a PERFECT meal!  PS - you MUST try the Parker's Coffee!!  I dream about it.  I'm not kidding!

The fabulous food, drinks, and setting aside, with this group of ladies, it's difficult to NOT have a fabulous time!

It was with a rather heavy heart that we bid the Queensview Steakhouse farewell.  Though, knowing we would be paying it another visit, made it a bit easier.  Because, really, how could we NOT return to this space??

Since it's Sunday, instead of a good bye, I'll simply wish all of you a Fabulous Brunch!

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