Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Returning Home

Hello Kittens!

Did you miss me?  I sure missed you.

The Vintage Project has been on a little bit of a (okay, A LOT of a) hiatus the past few months and while I definitely kept myself busy, there seemed to be something missing.  There was a little less sparkle, a little less glam, and a lot less focus on what I set out to do two years ago.  Le sigh...

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It didn't take too much soul searching for me to realize that my fabulous corner of the Blogosphere, this amazing creative outlet, and you kittens have become more important to me than I had originally realized (and I'd like to think that you've gotten a little something from it as well).  It's become home.  I used to be a rather prolific writer and have the volumes of poetry to prove it - for the record, much/some of it was really quite good!  There has always been something about writing that just made me feel whole, that made me feel proud - like I'd created something out of nothing.  In the past few months, the NOT writing has left me with a tangible loss that I'd rather not experience.  Dramatic?  Perhaps.  True?  Definitely.

So... effective immediately, I am back!  I have returned home!

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I will not abandon you again.  You have my word.

We have so many things to discover and talk about, wouldn't you agree?  So let's apply a fresh coat of lipstick, throw on a pair of heels and a big pair of sunglasses, and get started!

So many great things are in store.  Until next time, Kittens!

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