Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brunch 06.09.2013 - Crêpes and the Farmers Market

La Petite Crêperie, Mar Vista

Hello there Kittens!

I'm back from Georgia and before I get to sharing that marvelous experience with you, I've got a little catching up to do (per usual).

I'm deeply disappointed by the infrequency of my Brunching thus far in 2013, but June is set to be quite the busy month for Brunching, which I'm hoping will make up for that fact.  I did not have the time to post about it right after it happened since I had a lot to do before vacation, but two weekends ago I had Brunch with my lovely friend and co-worker (more friend than co-worker), Cheri.  We've Brunched a few times now, but have been trying to plan this one for months now.  Over the last two months, we just haven't been able to make it work...schedules and illness have been to blame, but we were FINALLY able to connect on June 9.  Since Cheri has decided to learn French and start planning a trip to Paris (which is a trip I've been meaning to start planning for a while now), she picked a French bistro in Mar Vista for our excursion.

Neither Cheri nor I had been to La Petite Crêperie before, but there is nothing that does not sound appealing about a French Brunch!  I took a look at the menu on their site and found that they ONLY serve Brunch, so I was VERY excited and able to shower and get Brunch-ready in less than an hour!  With the right motivation, I'm capable of miraculous feats!

Unfortunately neither one of us realized that this bistro is right smack-dab in the middle of the Mar Vista Farmers Market - I would also consider that a MAJOR menu fail on the part of this establishment.  Seriously, give people some warning!  Due to this fact, we both ended up driving around in circles trying to find streets that had not been shut down in an attempt to find some parking.  Which made us even more hungry!  Having the Farmers Market right outside the door DID have two benefits - first, most of the tables were empty.  Second, we could hit the tail end of the Farmers Market after we ate.

So we sat down and my first two thoughts were pretty standard Brunch priorities:  coffee and mimosas.

And the French Press (how appropriate!) was A-Mazing!

Adorable container for the brown and white sugar cubes.  I'm a big fan!
Cheri went with a cappuccino.
We got the coffee situation squared away, but unfortunately, the only sparkling beverage La Petite Crêperie carries is Perrier.  HOW does a Brunch-only French bistro NOT have Champagne?!?!  Cheri had the brilliant idea that the next time we visit, that we should bring camelbaks filled with pre-mixed mimosas.  I am fully on board with that plan because the food was fantastic.  While they do not make any substitutions, there are more than enough fabulous options to make the brunch experience a positive one.

I went with the Epinard Galette.  A folded buckwheat crepe covered (not filled) with spinach and crème fraiche, topped with an egg sunny side up.  Definitely different, but tasty - ESPECIALLY with the egg.  There is nothing that cannot be improved with a fried egg. 
Cheri went with my second choice, the Champignons et Fromage Galette.  Mushrooms, Gruyère, Garlic, and Shallots in a buckwheat crêpe.  This was my second choice and it was divine!

Since no champagne was present, Cheri taught me the art of meditation.  Didn't work nearly as well...

 After leaving this adorable little spot with their incredibly friendly staff, we hit the Farmers Market just as it was shutting down.

Cheri had her money ready to do some damage.
But as I was leaving for a long weekend, I was less interested in produce that I was not going to be able to eat and more interested in getting some fresh flowers.

They had some really beautiful lilies.

And this was the day that I officially fell in love with mulberries.  I'd never actually seen or tried them before and they were phenomenal!!  Definitely picking some up the next time I visit the Farmers Market!

While the Farmers Market definitely delayed Brunch a bit, it was a fabulous time that reminded me why I should be getting up on Sunday mornings and heading here.  Good thing to bring back into my consciousness!

Here's to more frequent Brunching and camelbaks as contingency plans!

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