Friday, April 3, 2015

April Book Club Selection(s) - Second Time's the Charm!

Hello there Kittens!

So...Book Club.  BOOK CLUB!!  Am I excited about bringing this institution back?  More than I can express!

When I began to think about the first selection for The (newly reinstated) Vintage Project Book Club, I went through the list on the Book Club page.  I REALLY wanted to come to you with something great!  A title that would draw you back in and maybe even persuade you to join me this month!  But I couldn't stop thinking about the loose ends I'd left - the fact that the last two selections I made...well, I never finished them.

I am ashamed, but I am going to make it right!  (Doubly right!)

ALSO...the reason for choosing both titles was prompted by their relevance to Mad Men.  Both were referenced in the first and second seasons respectively and in case it's been so long that you've forgotten, I DO love me a good tie-in!  Since the second half of the last season starts on Sunday, the idea of having TWO Mad Men-inspired Book Club selections couldn't be more perfect!

Lady Chatterley's Lover was originally the March 2014 selection and with Fifty Shades still very much on our collective radar, going back and finishing this early piece of 'erotica' seems like a pretty good idea.  (Wink wink!)  While I'm sure the scandalous nature of this work that had it BANNED and resulted in a British obscenity trial in the '60's for using then unprintable words isn't nearly as shocking today, who can resist a book with such a sordid past?  Certainly not me!

Meditations in an Emergency was originally the April 2014 selection.  This collection of poetry is said to perfectly capture New York in the '60's and since I hold a special place in my heart for MidCentury poetry, I have wanted to read this collection for a VERY long time!  Another great tie-in?  April is National Poetry Month!

purchase your copy of Lady Chatterley's Lover here
purchase your copy of Meditations in an Emergency here

While Meditations in an Emergency doesn't have the salacious draw of having been on the naughty list, perhaps hearing Don Draper read from this will make you consider picking this one up?  Oh, Don, my favorite anti-hero - how sad and lovely you are, made sadder and lovelier only by Frank O'Hara's poetry...

Since I didn't finish either one of these works the first time around - okay, if I'm being perfectly honest, I never even started the second (WHO decided giving me a book club was a good idea? ;) ), I'm essentially starting from scratch and I'd LOVE for you to join me - won't you consider it?!?  For one or the other or, if you're feeling ambitious, perhaps both?!?

Happy Reading, Kittens!

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