Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bubby's Brunch Cookbook

Good Morning Kittens!!

Sunday Morning is upon us again, or as I like to refer to it - The Brunching Hour!

Unfortunately, I've had a little Brunch slump...two cancelled Brunches in the past month. Quelle Horreur!!!  While the reasons were valid, the fact remains that I'm going through Brunch withdrawals at the moment, though I am incredibly happy to report that I may very well have TWO Brunches next week!!!  There are few things better than that!

While I have many things on my schedule for today, Brunch is not one of them.  Le sigh.  So, the next best thing to actual Brunch is reliving one of the best Brunches EVER by receiving the restaurant's cookbook in the mail!  On Friday, I received a fantastic surprise - the official Bubby's Brunch Cookbook!!!  I feel like the heavens opened and the angels started singing...okay, that might be just a tad dramatic, but I was incredibly excited!  I'm SO looking forward to making some of these recipes!!

Two years ago, I found myself celebrating my 30th birthday in New York, the lucky 'plus one' of the most A-Mazing friend anyone could ever hope for, Stephanie.  She won an all-expenses paid trip to New York which just so happened to fall on my birthday, my actual birthday!  I think there is a lot of pressure, especially on women, when it comes to the dreaded 30th birthday...we cannot help by compare our lives to what we'd expected them to be by that age...especially for the single ladies, it can be incredibly depressing.  In addition to that for me, there was a little (read - a LOT) of drama with planning some type of celebration with the family.  About a week prior, my white flag of surrender went up and I was simply done with the whole thing.  There was dread instead of my usual level of excitement for my birthday (if you were following the goings-on last month, you will understand).  So Stephanie was a life-saver - scooping me up and taking me to New York!!!  It could not have been more perfect.

Both Stephanie and I had never been to New York before and wanted to stay away from the touristy spots so that we could get a feel for the neighborhoods during our down-time (I'm sure at some point, I'll talk about our FABULOUS trip), and it was the best time imaginable!  One morning, we received the best piece of advice - go to Bubby's.  So we started walking towards Tribecca and went to Bubby's for Brunch.  Here is the rundown of our Bubby's experience.  Enjoy!

Outside Bubby's.  When you come across a fake cow, you really have no choice but to make your friend stand next to it and take a photo!
Bubby's manifesto.  So lovely!
We were there for Brunch - this was a foregone conclusion...
Photo courtesy of Stephanie - sometimes I miss my two-toned hair.
Stephanie and I were fascinated with the idea of Sourdough pancakes - especially  ones  made from a starter from 1890.  They did NOT disappoint!
Neither one of us can explain how it took 4 days to figure out that since we kept ordering the same things that it would be a good idea to order two different things and split them.  Here are our sourdough pancakes (the best pancakes I've ever had) , eggs, and potatoes.  ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!!
After Brunch, we decided to take the subway to the Met...this is us not understanding how we were unable to find the subway itself!!

Yes, I will definitely have to put a post together to chronicle our other New York adventures...

What was your best Brunch experience, Kittens?  Do you still relive it from time to time?

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