Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Girls Go To Georgia Part 2 - Vintage Stores and Puppies

Hello Darlin's!

And welcome to our Georgia trip finale post!  My last post recapped the first two day of our epic visit to see Sakura in Georgia and the fun train just kept rolling down the track!

On any given Sunday morning the only civilized thing to do is to have Brunch, and I was SO excited for a true Southern Brunch!  So we put ourselves together and headed into downtown Athens to 5 & 10.  Because I wanted to like this place so badly, I was even more let down by the two unforgivable Brunch Fails I experienced.

While Sakura stated that she'd never Brunched before (I've been appalled by this information for some time and felt a little better when she was corrected by Brianne that she had had Brunch with some of the other girls once a few years back), this was not a new concept for the rest of us.  So, as any Brunch veterans would do, we all sat down, ordered some coffee, and took a gander at our cocktail choices.  Priorities.

Truthfully it would have been difficult NOT to look at the Brunch cocktails first as they were at the very top of the menu.  Our reservation was for 11:00 and we were extremely saddened, confused, and more than a little upset that, due to some Bible Belt restrictions, they were not allowed to serve alcohol until 12:30.  If that's the case, WHY are they the first things your thirsty little eyes fall upon??  Brunch Fail #1.

So we ordered.  According to the very scientific poll I conducted, everyone's food was fantastic!

Brianne's Cheese Plate
Janice's Benedict
Tina's Shrimp and Grits

And then there was my was literally the saltiest plate that had ever been put in front of me.  Not only was this disappointing, but it also goes down as Brunch Fail #2.  

Aside from Brunch Fail #1 and Brunch Fail #2, 5&10 is an amazing place with great atmosphere and, that morning, was filled with some Fabulous Gals!

The bar is probably a pretty popular place at 12:31.
Brianne and I
Sakura, Brianne, and I
Tina and Janice
5&10's comfy waiting area
After Brunch, a very civilized thing to do is to go in search of some vintage items.  So, naturally, that's what we did.  On our way to the first shop, we were able to get a little glimpse of the town.  And what we glimpsed was a lot of fabulous old brick buildings!

 First shop of the day, Minx Vintage.

Although I did not purchase anything, there were some pretty entertaining items here:

PS - this room was suspiciously void of shoes.

I was really considering purchasing this vintage case for cocktailing on the go.

Alf and Sakura
Second stop was Agora.  And this place was absolutely SPECTACULAR!!  I wish all vintage shops were like this.  I was not surprised when I walked out of here 4 items richer, and also a good number of dollars poorer!

Agora has the distinction of having been designated as the 'Favorite Uniquely Athens Store'.  Maybe by this guy...

I don't know if Agora is truly 'Uniquely Athens', but it truly is unique.  There was SO much stuff in this one store that I'm sure I could have spent the whole day here and still discovered something new on my way out the door.  I just kept thinking that there were surprises hidden behind every item!  Since my Georgia posts have been so long, I've kept the photos a bit smaller since a bunch of large photos can be seriously overwhelming, but with how much is in each of these shots, I thought you'd appreciate the extra large photos so that you don't miss a fabulous, sparkly, sometimes creepy, sometimes tacky bit!
I'm a big fan of chandeliers, so this sight made me happy walking through the door.

Creepy baby and broach table

As if we weren't having enough fun, Janice was kind enough to model a few pieces before we left.

On our way out, an edgier Uncle Alfred than I'm used to bid us farewell.

I walked away with a very cool vintage clutch, two vintage necklaces, and a fab birdcage headpiece!  Since I couldn't find a way to photograph the headpiece well, you'll have to trust me on that one.

Then it was back to Sakura's for some much needed R&R with the puppies.

LUCY!!  If this dog ever goes missing, Sakura will have many houses to search.  Mine should be at the top of that list! 
Princess Henry
Some of us had work to do.  And by some of us, I mean Henry, Brianne, and Janice.

The puppies pretended to be interested in learning downward dog, but only to appease Janice.

Quality lovey time with Lucy.

Then we did what many would consider impossible...we improved on an already spectacular day.  With Janice's Caramelized Onion and Pear Pizza!

And a spectacular salad - one that was mysterious half gone by the time Sakura and Tina brought it out from the kitchen...

With some good bottles of wine, tummies full of homemade pizza and salad, and fantastic puppies underfoot, our last night on the porch was better than I could have hoped for!

Do you lovely ladies have friends that would make kayaking in humidity seem like a good time?  I hope so, since many things come and go, but true friends (as different as you might be at times) will be there to see you through the good and the bad, still loving you with everything that they have.

Sappy, but true.  Here's to all my Fab Ladies!  I love you more than I can ever say.

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