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Brunch 03.02.2013 - Birthday Part 1

FIG & OLIVE, Melrose Place

Hello There Kittens!

Since I've made the entire month of March an extended Birthday Celebration, I kicked it off the weekend before my actual birthday and had Family Brunch on Saturday, March 02.  While much of our dining takes place along the coast (and really, can you blame us?), I wanted to do something different.  I was looking for more of a white tablecloth experience rather than a beachy vibe.  And I planned well since this weekend was the first warm weekend of the year, so I know anything at all associated with the beach was overflowing with people and a nightmare to get into and out of.  I chose FIG & OLIVE's Melrose Place location in West Hollywood for the occasion.  (I also learned something that day...there is a Melrose Avenue, a Melrose Alley, and also a Melrose Place.  Someone must have REALLY liked the word 'Melrose'.)

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The first four locations opened up in New York over the past few years (Meatpacking District, Fifth Avenue, Uptown, and Westchester),  recently the West Hollywood location opened, and their Newport Beach location is set to open up sometime in 2013.  As is apparent from the name, the food philosophy of these restaurants is that of the Mediterranean - ingredients are fresh and flavorful, prepared using over 30 different kinds of olive oil that they make themselves instead of butter.  And everything is indescribably delicious.

In case you'd like to purchase.  You're welcome.
A friend of mine put together a very large, very fabulous Brunch here for her birthday last summer, but going with the very awesome ladies of my family was even better.  Such a beautiful setting, beautiful company, and just as I remembered, phenomenal food!

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The restaurant is open, airy, and filled with natural light.  In the center is a cross of four incredibly posh tables, overflowing with white linen pillows.  A very decadent place to have a very decadent meal!

Before the cocktails started flowing, I started with a super yummy cup of coffee.  When I came for my friend Brianne's Birthday Brunch last summer, I discovered just how great this coffee is.  So, the moral of the story is this:  No matter what time you get here, start with a cup of coffee!

Alright, back to MY Birthday Brunch...after coffee, it was time for cocktails!

Please note how attractive my family is.  Also note the shelves running the entire wall filled with bottles of olive oil behind Oma.  Oma, wine, and olive oil...there is nothing that I don't love about this photo!

And finally the food - FIG & OLIVE starts you off with an olive oil sampler.  The oils were phenomenal and the bread?  Very possibly the best bread I've ever had.  I don't quite remember what type of bread this was, but you will want to kiss the baker once you try it.  I'm completely serious.

We ended up with a crab salad that I can give you no details on since I think it was a special,

Two French Omelets,

And two South of France Poached Eggs with Salmon.  ONE guess as to what I ordered.  This was SO good!  Amazing eggs, perfect salmon, fantastic ricotta, and then the surprise of grapefruit underneath it all.  Oh, did I mention the mini bread bowl?  Heaven!

If you come here, I'm pretty sure you'll remember the experience forever!  Oh, AND they've got the best smelling Ladies' Room I've ever been in.  The next time I visit, I need to pay more attention to the giant candle they've got burning in there.

Details of the rest of the birthday celebrations are forthcoming....I'm still in catch-up mode.

Happy Brunching Kittens!!

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