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Brunch 03.17.2013 - Steering Clear of the LA Marathon

Bistro Du Soleil, Playa Del Rey

Good Evening Kittens!

There were a lot of things that happened last Sunday.  First off, it was St. Patrick's Day, and since My Ladies and I were going out, I had the rare opportunity to wear my amazing green stilettos!

Second, the L.A. Marathon was wreaking havoc on the streets of Los Angeles - and by extension, my plans.  Originally, I wanted to take the girls up to Hollywood for Brunch and then take a little field trip.  My plan was to go out on Saturday, hit Musso & Frank for Brunch, go up to Greystone Mansion, and then come back to my place for afternoon cocktails.  I REALLY wanted to go with the Old Hollywood theme and this seemed perfect!  Since everyone was not available on Saturday, I pushed back to Sunday...and that's when everything started unraveling.  I'm still perplexed as to how Musso & Frank, the oldest restaurant in Hollywood is closed on Sundays, but it is.  So, that was disappointing.  Then I realized that it would not only be St. Patrick's Day, which can be a nightmare with people trying to get as plastered as possible on green beer, but also, our route to Greystone would be completely cut off.  If we ate in Hollywood, we would have to head back a considerable distance to the 405 to head up a few blocks to head back east since the marathon route cut us off from simply being able to head north - such an L.A. predicament!  Regardless of the additional distance and time it would have taken, everyone would have been all over the streets trying to avoid the, it would have just been a nightmare.

Though I will most likely never run a marathon, I like that the route gave the runners a fantastic tour of the city!  Oh, Los Angeles, you just can't help but be a little flashier than the other marathons...

Third, it was the third weekend of my Birthday Extravaganza Month.  Not that having Brunch with my Ladies has ever NOT been a fabulous time, but there's a little more pressure when there is a specific reason to celebrate.

It wasn't until the Ladies showed up and we were enjoying our first glass of bubbly (well, all of us aside from Stephanie since, you know, she's pregnant) that we decided to scrap the whole idea of a field trip and focus on the most important matter at hand - Brunch.  I typically have great luck when it comes to places to go and this day was no exception.  I stumbled across a French Bistro just a few minutes from me in Playa Del Rey, Bistro Du Soleil.  I had never heard of this place before, but we were all VERY glad that we ended up here. Everything was fabulous!!

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If you decide to visit, I must warn you, the GPS navigation directed us into the middle of a residential area.  We drove around for about 15 minutes and then had no cell reception up in the hills..getting to Brunch was its own little adventure!  To help you out a little, simply take the Culver exit off the 90 freeway and head west.  The restaurant is on the left side of the street - take a left just before the light for Vista Del Mar.  

Once we finally got inside, it was so lovely!  I was surprised at how VERY European this place was as we stepped across the threshold from the streets of this beach community!  Per usual, we started off with Les Bubbles!

This Berry-Bubbly concoction is the Kir Blanc which was, as Lisa would say, 'Yummy to the max!'.  And really, what's not to love about sparkling wine, St. Germain, and fresh berries?  Lisa, Britni, and I were VERY happy - and I suspect Stephanie was slightly jealous...

I had vowed to myself that I was NOT going to have a Salmon Benedict if it was on the menu since that is what I've had for almost every Brunch this year.  But then I opened the menu and saw this:

Since there were eight different types of Benedicts on the menu, I quickly decided that I would order something different NEXT time!  Et voila!  My Poached Salmon Benedict on a croissant.

Lisa's Quiche Lorraine, 

Britni's Omelette (I'm assuming this is the French spelling), and

Stephanie's Crêpe Savoie (stuffed with Ham and Swiss)!

Since everyone was eyeing the Blueberry Pancakes, we decided to get an order for the table.  Let me tell you, that was one great idea!  The Apple Pancakes looked fantastic as well...which will have to be ordered the next time around.  Because there WILL be a next time!

While the day did not go exactly as planned, it was fantastic to spend it with my Ladies.  The four of us simply do not get together often enough - a problem that must get remedied!

I hope you had a Brunch that was as fantastic as mine last weekend.  And if you didn't, you always have another chance this weekend!  

Happy Brunching Kittens!

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