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The Girls Go To Mexico Part 1 - ¡Viva Villa La Estancia!

¡Hola Mis Amigas!

A few weeks ago, the girls and I headed on our annual vacation to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  While last year was the only year that I did not go, this year marked the fifth annual trip for us.  It's pretty obvious that we consider this to be the ultimate trip since we spend five days a year going to the same spot, staying in the same place, and doing the same things year after year.  We've got this tropical vacation down to a science and we couldn't be happier about that!

Five years ago, Brianne discovered the FABULOUS Villa La Estancia resort and after one visit, we were hooked!  This resort offers full ownership, partial ownership, and rentals.  For our second visit, Brianne found someone who owns a two bedroom 2,212 square foot suite (!!) and we have been renting directly from him for the past four years.  This suite has two bedrooms (one master bedroom with a king size bed and an attached bathroom which sports a fabulous hot tub and also a separate bedroom with two queen beds and the second bathroom), a large living room with a pull out sofa and the third bathroom, a full kitchen, laundry, and a large balcony that overlooks the pool and the ocean.  IT.  IS.  PERFECT.

So, let's begin the tour.  We start in the ridiculously opulent lobby.  I don't care where you go, you will NEVER find a better smelling lobby!

As you are checking in, Villa La Estancia welcomes you with something luxurious.  We refer to this as the 'welcome home' and it varies year to year.   Our first year, we were welcomed with virgin mango margaritas which were absolutely delicious!

The two years following, we were greeted with cold towels infused with essential oils and this year, Luis greeted us with some water and bubbly.

Which was followed by some SPECTACULAR hand treatments.  It was at this point that we knew vacation had officially begun!

Before we head out to the pool which is directly outside of the lobby's back door, let's head up to the room.  (Yes, I'm building to a grand reveal!)  

Luis helped us with our bags as well as our hats.  As you can see, the kitchen is beautiful.  The bad news is that this is the only photo I have of the kitchen itself.

The good news is that I have photos of the rest of the suite!  Here is the living room.

 As  you can see, since this suite is on the top floor, we have a really spectacular dome over the living space!

This piece of art has always been everyone's favorite. 

 Though there are some other pretty great pieces in the rest of the room.

We now move onto the master bedroom which is right off the living room.

I think it's pretty clear that I was not aware of the backlighting, so I apologize for this and subsequent photos of this stellar quality.

 Such a tiny little bathroom, it's okay to pity us.

The second bedroom is considered Suite A and detached from the main suite (Suite B) for added privacy.  We've even got our own private entryway.

The second bedroom.

And the balcony?  Prepare to be jealous, if you weren't already.

Ah, yes, the Pièce de Résistance...  The view.  Can  you imagine anything more perfect than a pool like this, complete with swim up bar and the beach right behind it?  Yeah, neither can I.  It almost looks fake it's so perfect.

It doesn't get much better than a good cup of coffee (and maybe breakfast) with this view to start your day.  That's my ritual.  Here is a recap of our two full pool days.  They were rough, let me tell you!

It all starts with coffee on the balcony before heading down to the pool.  

And then a morning mimosa from the swim up bar before settling into a stressful day of lounging by the pool.

 But that's not to say that that's the only mimosa of the day.

You have to keep hydrated (kinda) when you are working on your tan and the Book Club selection!
This is one of the most perfect places in the world.  I believe that's been scientifically proven.

Since Villa La Estancia has some full ownership, the pool is usually pretty empty.  This was the most people we've ever seen in the pool in all our visits.  I'll also add that they were all hanging out by the steps, so it actually looks like a lot more than were actually in the pool.  Having a pool like this essentially to yourself (which is usually the case) is FABULOUS!
 After a few hours of this,

We decided we needed a little break, so Janice peeled herself off her lounge chair to join the rest of us at the swim up bar.

 Miami Vices (or Lava Flows) are vacation in a glass.

Even the mid-day waters are fancy!  Villa La Estancia makes hydration look good.  (Probably because they don't want a pool full of inebriated vacationers!)

After a few more hours and a few more fancy waters, it was Hora Feliz and we celebrated with Mai Tais!  This cocktail makes me think of a Tropical 1960's vacation...not only nostalgic, but delicious to boot!

I think Tina has a shot of the palm trees reflecting in her glasses from each year we've come!  But it never gets old.

And we decided it was high time for Janice to have one as well.  How lovely are my Ladies?  

I have decided against showing you my photo like this, as I do not look nearly as lovely.  And since this is my show, I can totally censor.

So there you have it my lovely Senoritas!  The life and times of Villa La Estancia!  If you want to experience the luxury that we do every year, you can book from the resort's site or you might get a better deal if you go through our contact.  If you want to go that route, just let me know and I will happily share that information with you.  I think everyone should experience this place for themselves.  If you seriously want to shut out the outside world and have this be your reality for a little while, I definitely recommend it!

This is the first post in my three part series of our vacation.  When you come home with about 600 photos that you are chomping at the bit to share, breaking them up is really the only way to go.  So, stay tuned, the other two will be posted shortly!

¡Hasta Luego Mis Amigas!

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