Monday, August 19, 2013

The Girls Go To Mexico Part 3 - Puerto Vallarta Through Tina's Eyes

Buenos Días My Lovelies!

In my head, sharing my Mexican vacation with you was going to be broken up into a three-part series.  Then I started going through the photos (all 735 of them)...  As I mentioned in Part 2, while Janice, Brianne, Heather, and I were getting massages, Tina went off to explore Puerto Vallarta, my camera in hand.  When I started going through my photos when we returned, I found 90 photos from that little excursion!

While they don't really fit into the other posts, I thought I would have one post dedicated to the images she captured.  While I'm not sharing ALL the photos, I'd like you to see some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

The boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta (the Malecon) has some really amazing sculptures and while Tina didn't photograph them all (it stretches one mile) she did capture quite a few.

The first year we went to Puerto Vallarta, it started pouring as we got into the city.  This is still my favorite of the Malecon statues - and how perfect is this with the storm behind it??

While not technically a statue, I've always loved these arches.  What a great shot, Tina!

She also got some great scenic shots of the water.

The photographer gets photographed

Tina also captured some really great shots of the city that reflect the feel of the city.

A little history for you.

And a bit more history.
Puerto Vallarta merges the old with the new.  The city is filled with history, but also graffiti.  Though I have to say, this is probably the best type of tagging.

While I have no idea what type of an establishment this sign is posted outside of, I couldn't NOT show you this fantastic sign.  "No sexual comments please."

I hope you enjoyed Tina's tour of Puerto Vallarta.  Stay tuned for the last installment of our Mexican vacation!

¡Hasta Mis Amigas!


  1. love it!! thank you for posting my fun excursion!! :)