Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Book Club Selection

Good Morning Lovelies!

And happy July!  Not only last month, but the entire year, has simply flown by!  And it occurred to me last night while working VERY late, that I should really announce The Vintage Project Book Club's July Selection before people started heading off for the long weekend.  This time it's even more important that I let you know as early as possible since this one is very long.

The novel I'm referring to is James Ellroy's L.A. Confidential.

This is the first edition cover.  Find your copy here.
The 1997 movie adaptation is one of my favorites and I'm very excited to read the novel!  I will be going to Mexico later this month and I think this will be pretty fantastic to read while lounging by the pool!  So if any of you are headed out of town over the long weekend and plan on spending some quality time with yourself poolside, you might want to pick up a copy and join the ranks of the Book Club.

"Ellroy is a master at juggling plot lines, using a stripped, spare noir style that hits like a cleaver but is honed like a scalpel." - Chicago Tribune

If the review above and the film aren't incentive enough to join the Book Club for July, perhaps telling you that the Book Club Meeting will consist of Brunch and a Field Trip will...

Let me know if you are interested Lovelies, I'd be tickled to have you!

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