Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sylvi!!

Good Morning Kittens!

Last week was my sister's birthday and the family is going out today to celebrate.  While my sister and I are quite close now, that has not always been the case.  Growing up, there were many physical altercations, much name calling, and there was the time when she bit herself, made herself cry, and told my mother that I had done it!  Though she loves to tell the story of having to share a TV with me, which was put into my room since I was older and me making her sit on the floor outside of my room to watch, not allowing her to cross the seam in the carpet of the doorway and then closing the door (in retrospect, not my proudest moment).

We were sisters, and we loved each other, but at the same time, we didn't always show it.

Check out my fabulous elephant pajamas!

However, as kids, we weren't ALWAYS terrible to each other.

As we get older, the instances of us not getting along are fewer and farther between.

We've even established our own signature shot!

Sylvi has turned into such an amazing lady.  She is strong and talented (having received my allotment of artistic talent in addition to hers).  She is beautiful, funny, kind to others, and true to herself.  I love her for everything that she is and she makes me proud to call her my sister.

And if you ever need someone to do a funky dance, you should definitely give her a call!


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