Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vintage Bar Guides

Brought to you by Southern Comfort

Hello there Lovelies!

When I promised you that I was going to focus on the whole vintage project aspect of The Vintage Project last weekend, I did not think that I would have some truly fabulous material literally fall into my lap that very day.  

Quite serendipitous!

I visited the family after my morning of coffee and promises and Oma mentioned that she had gone through one of the drawers of her wet-bar and found some old bar guides.  Naturally, I was excited by this news, and while these guides are from the 70's and not the exact kind of vintage that I had in mind, they are still fantastic - mainly for the photos!  Few things are as entertaining as 70's fashion.  Or 70's hair.

I would assume that more companies put out these little pamphlets during this time, but it seems that Oma was a Southern Comfort fan in the 70's and has not been able to part with them.  So I helped her out and took them off her hands almost forty years later.  I'm just that selfless.

Oh, the magic!!

Evidently, these publications were not only to promote the alcoholic beverage du jour, but also to peddle their wares.  In this case, the coveted Happy Hour Party kit!!  Large flag to fly outside the house?!?!?  I will take two sets please!

 They were also chalked full of tips and tricks!
 But really, I think the photos are the star of this show!

 Themed happy hour??  I'm in!!

And 5 Mod Posters??  FOR $1.00?!?!?  I wonder what would happen if I sent my dollar to this P.O. Box...
More bargains on the back page!

While a much smaller pamphlet, the second one the Oma found (also Southern Comfort) is not to be discounted.  There is some stellar hair in this one as well!

I'd like you all to meet my boyfriend...doesn't that hair and the plaid sport coat just make you swoon??
It also showcases the Wallbanger made with Southern Comfort. Because really, who DOESN'T want to order a Wallbanger?

In case you were wondering what the newest hit drinks were, you've come to the right place!

While much more serious, we also learned how to make the most of our Electrolux.

And all about The Pleasure of Blending.

 Though, to be honest, I don't know how much pleasure I would get from some of these recipes...

Last, but certainly not least, there was the book of Knudsen recipes.  So fantastic!

Were you aware that you could pick these products up at your local Food Store??!?!  I know!  Amazing!

Ah, the treasures that are hidden at Oma's house....

If you're thinking of hosting a cocktail party over the long weekend, take a page from the 1976 Southern Comfort playbook and don a festive plaid outfit, coif your hair, and your guests will definitely thank you!


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