Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Twist on the Traditional Christmas Wreath

Good Morning Kittens!

I hope everyone had a fabulous week!  Per usual, this first week of the month was crazy for me at work, which has been compounded with getting ready for an Advent party that I'm hosting on Sunday.  In the last five days, I've received four packages - three of the four were items I'd ordered to get ready for the party.  (A party that I'm determined to make into an epic event!)

The packages arrived throughout the week - last item arriving on Thursday and I was so excited to get it home to open it, I almost couldn't contain myself!

I consider myself somewhat traditional and somewhat not.  While I consider wreaths to be pretty traditional and I mainly associate them with moms in puffy-painted sweaters (I apologize if you are wearing a puffy-painted sweater right now...we can still be friends?), lately I've discovered some pretty fabulous wreaths.  So, it is with some hesitation that I admit that I might just be becoming a wreath kinda girl...  Now, I need to stipulate that it needs to be the right kind of wreath.

You may remember my fabulous Victorian wreath for Halloween, well, I am now the proud owner of a fabulous Christmas wreath!  While all the materials were Christmas-y, incorporating black into it is definitely NOT traditional.  Not traditional, but totally gorgeous!!

Some of the ornaments are so shiny that you can literally see yourself in them!

A few weeks back, I decided that I needed a Christmas wreath and started my search.  If you search for wreaths, most are pretty terrible!  It's damn-near impossible to find something that is not incredibly tacky and looks like a bunch of women in puffy-painted sweatshirts got together, drank too many wine coolers, and decided to have arts and crafts time.  (I simply can't bring myself to apologize for the lack of love puffy painted articles of clothing are getting today - admit it, you think they're terrible too!)  If you need some proof - here is the Google Image results page for 'Christmas Wreath'.  And if you want to visit the website for the first image and scroll down, the other items on the site...well, I can't tell which is the worst.  Perhaps the wreath made entirely of peppermints or perhaps the pine cone and apple wreath?  I really can't decide....and there are so many other hideous ones to chose from.  It's good for a serious laugh!

Okay, so you might be thinking that I'm being too harsh or perhaps you think you aren't a fan of wreaths, but I'm pretty sure once you see all the wreaths in the PrettyClassyParty Etsy shop,  you might be singing a different tune.  The woman behind the shop, Leah, is A-Mazing!!  I've never seen more glamorous Christmas wreaths in my life!  And to boot, she makes them custom!  I initially saw this silver and gold one and fell in love!  Although silver and gold aren't my colors, I couldn't take my eyes off of it!

buy it here

While this wouldn't be my personal color choice either, here is another one of the wreaths that PrettyClassyParty carries.

buy it here

Leah's wreaths are all made of ribbon, foam, and over 150 shatterproof Christmas tree ornaments.  She will even make wreaths for the sports fan on your list in their team colors and incorporate their logo.  It was actually when I saw one of these team wreaths with the red and black combination (I don't pay attention to sports, so I have no idea who the team was) that got me excited and I immediately knew I'd be ordering one!

Once my tree is done, you will understand exactly why this wreath in red and black appealed to me so much.  While it may look a little Burton-esque, I think it's pretty perfectly inline with how I do Christmas and I am absolutely in love!  And up close, the care that Leah took creating this work of art is evident.  It's absolutely flawless!!  Even the back is pretty!

If you, or anyone you know, is the market for the most sumptuous, beautiful ornament wreath available, stop by the PrettyClassyParty Etsy shop.  You will NOT be disappointed with your purchase and Leah is so genuinely nice!  She seemed as jazzed about my wreath as I was and got it done in record time since she knew I wanted to have this up for my party.  If I could give this woman a big kiss, I would, for giving me the most beautiful Christmas wreath I could have ever hoped for!!

I hope your holiday decorating is coming along as nicely as mine is.  And now to run some errands and get my tree decorated for tomorrow!  A big thank you to my mother who tipped me off that it was supposed to rain this morning since I was going to get up early to get my tree today.  It all worked out rather perfectly - I went to get my tree after work yesterday and it is not only gorgeous, but I woke up to the most wonder smelling apartment!  I truly love this time of year!

PS - perhaps you should put wreath shopping on your to-do list for today.  I'm pretty sure if you find the right one, it'll make you very happy!


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