Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vino Love - South Coast Winery's Santavese, 2009

Good Evening Kittens!

Like many of you, the holidays have been all-consuming for me.  Since we visited last, I've set up a fabulous tree, hosted two holiday soirées, and kind of sort of started my Christmas shopping.

To be perfectly honest, I'm pooped.  And I've also missed our time together.

While I find a way to establish some balance and get everything that needs to get done...done, I thought I'd share the fun, festive way that I'm figuring things out.

 I've been holding onto this fabulous holiday edition Sangiovese from my South Coast Winery shipment two years ago, I believe.  So, after I got home from work and shopping, I finally opened this bottle and I have to say, it's aged beautifully.  Unlike most bottles of Sangiovese that you are likely to run across, this particular bottle is much smoother, more balanced, and infinitely more delicious...and that's saying something since I very much enjoy a nice Sangiovese.

Port was also quite impressed!

 But that's not at all surprising - he's got great taste.

Sometimes there is no better way to try to regain your footing than a nice, holiday-appropriate bottle of wine.  And I have no doubt that I'm well on my way to catching up you up on all the holiday fun.  Already looking forward to our next visit!


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