Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's Still Looking A Lot Like Christmas...

Good Evening Kittens and Happy Boxing Day!

I hope everyone had a lovely Holiday, whatever you were celebrating.  While I am not religious, I enjoy decorating for Christmas as part of the cultural and family traditions that are wrapped up in the holidays.  People of different backgrounds may have different variations on the main theme, but the Christmas tree is an undisputed staple.

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While the tree itself is a staple, everyone has their own preferences as far as size goes.  Some like them tall.

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Some like them wide.

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And some don't particularly care as long as they have a buddy to help them decorate.

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  Take Princess Grace and Prince Albert, for example.

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And still, on the other hand, some like to go it alone.  Like Rita Hayworth.

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And Jayne Mansfield.

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While I went it alone like Jayne and share her love of a good color scheme, my tree was not decorated in pink, but rather in red.  Unlike my usual preference for black with accents of red (I'm sure that information shocks you), my tree is the opposite - mostly red with accents of black.  And, if I do say so myself, it's pretty fabulous!

Unfortunately, with all the red, it's rather difficult to get a photo that clearly shows the beauty of the tree.

Since I favor a nice big, full tree and decorate on my own, I like to have my decorations up for as long as possible.  I put my tree the first week of December and like to have it up through the first of the year.  I consider New Year's Eve to be part of the holiday season and who can't use a little more sparkle through that time?  

With all the other lights out, my tree gives off an amazing red glow!

The history of the Christmas Tree as well as the different amounts of time they are left up is actually quite interesting.  I had fun on this Wikipedia page...maybe some of this will come in handy during a holiday-themed trivia game?

I'm excited to spend another week with my tree.  How long do you keep your tree up?

Since the month of December is almost over, I'm going to stuff as much into the remaining few days of the year, so until next time Kittens!


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