Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Fabulous Victorian Halloween Wreath

Good Evening Kittens!

Sticking with the Spooktacular theme of October and all things Halloween - and the theme of this little blog, which is all things vintage and fabulous, I am very happy to share tonight's post with you!  I sit here, glass of wine in hand, with my laptop in front of me in my 'swanky' corner of the world (not my words, but I won't argue) on a rainy October night and think to myself that it's the little things - the small details - that are important, and often overlooked.  I won't go into the particulars, but my day at work was less than stellar, less than even acceptable in my estimation.  I'm not one to think that everyone's day job can make them blissfully happy, but I would think that it shouldn't beat you down either.  And that's kind of what happened to me today.  So, I left work after 7:00 and hit Walgreen's on my way home to pick up some 3M hooks.  Since I rent, I try not to put unnecessary holes in my walls and I thought these hooks with the fun command adhesive would be the perfect way to hang a wreath that I've had since last Halloween.  I figured after the day I had, something as seemingly trivial as hanging my wreath would make me happy.  And it did!

My style is darker than most and hints at a sophisticated Halloween influence all year round, but I stress the word 'hints'.  When it comes to actually decorating in your day-to-day life and also for any holiday, I think there is a fine line between classy and cheesy.  And when it comes to Halloween, the Victorian era is what you want to draw your inspiration from.  The goal is vintage, beautiful, and spooky...think wrought iron birdcages, dusty Ouija boards, crows, skulls, Apothecary bottles filled with 'poison', and black feathers.  Banish any thoughts of fake cotton cobwebs, plastic spider rings, and plastic orange anything!  Since I've just told you NOT to hit up most stores, where should you go?  The best place to go is Etsy.  Hands down.

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My friend Stephanie's annual Halloween parties take Halloween glam to a whole nother level!

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A few years back, I saw a gorgeous wreath made of black feathers at ZGallerie and for whatever reason, did not purchase it (stupid!), so I spent a few weeks last year searching for something similar at a number of stores with absolutely NO luck.  The problem is, everyone seems to really love the cheesy element of Halloween, so I struck out everywhere.  At a certain point, I gave Etsy a try and it did not take me long to kick myself for not checking there first!  I found a fabulous shop called Victorian Petals that sells handmade wreaths and all sorts of other fabulous stuff.  It was there that I found a wreath just as fabulous as the one I'd seen years ago!  While my wreath arrived rather quickly, I hadn't ordered it until well into October and it felt like it was too late to hang by the time it was in my hot little hands.

It's taken a whole year for me to get this up, so without further fabulous Victorian Halloween wreath!

I had originally planned to hang this on the other side of my door, but thought it was too fabulous and that someone might take it.  Also, why would I deprive myself of being able to look at this at every opportunity??  Seemed silly to me, so I hung it on the inside of my front door.

The combination of sumptuous black feathers and black satin ribbon is beyond glam!

What say you, Kittens?  Do you love this piece as much as I do?  Do you have any Halloween inspired items that you are absolutely in love with?  I'm on the look out to find other equally lux items this season, and I will definitely keep you posted!

I wish you a truly Spooky evening!

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