Saturday, December 21, 2013

Everyone's Getting Dolled Up For The Holidays!!

Good Evening Kittens!

The Holiday Party Season is in full-swing and I'm sure that many of you have already attended or hosted a few parties.  Chances are, many of you will be celebrating with friends or family tonight as well.  And probably getting all dolled up to do so.

While I will be donning a fabulous wrap dress and red tulle petticoat tonight, I thought I would show off my very fashionable little man.  My lovely friend Brianne gave him an early Christmas present and he's been quite the little dapper gentleman all season!

He received a festive sparkly red collar with a little bell on it.  You'd think he'd hate it, but I think he realizes how good he looks, so he's fine with it.

While Port is most certainly dressed for the occasion, he will not be attending any soirées.  He wishes you a fun and safe evening!

Happy Celebrating!

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