Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lauren & Marko's Wedding

Hello there Lovelies!

I would feel bad that I have not yet posted about a wedding I attended on Memorial Day weekend if the next two weeks had not been packed to the gills.  So in an effort to not run out on my obligations (see what I did there?) and catch up, here it is!

I apologize for the less than stellar photograph, but I had no choice but to share the cake topper with you!

This was the first wedding of one of The Ladies' grandchildren - not that the others won't be special but this one, being the first, is extra special!  Between the three Ladies, there are thirteen grandchildren, but there was an especially strong bond for my sister and I as the two oldest girls with the two oldest boys.  My memories of family parties all include Zoki, Marko, Sylvi, and I together.  This is my favorite photo of the four of us!

Circa 1990?  Yup, that's little Marko in the fantastic blue shorts!
Sylvi and I first met Lauren at what we like to refer to as our first (and for some reason only) Serbian Brotherhood/Goth Sister Duo outing.  The five of us went out to the Dresden in early 2010.  While the Ladies have never fallen out of touch, the families did not remain in such constant contact (something that will be remedied going forward!) and these outings for the five of us never made it past the premiere excursion.  Regardless of our lack of follow through, that was a FANTASTIC night!  The Dresden is an LA Landmark and if you have not yet been, you should definitely head there soon!  Go for the ambiance, the history, the drinks, and Marty and Elayne!!

But, I digress...the first time we met Lauren.  Sylvi and I instantly loved Lauren!  She was open, genuine, and kind.  Also, she was smart, strong, and could easily keep Marko in line!  There was an ease in talking with her and she instantly made you feel like you'd known her for a very long time. Really, what's not to love? Evidently someone else agreed with us...

Fast forward three years later to their wedding!

I can't say that it wasn't a bit odd to see Marko all grown up, with a haircut and a shave (he was hearing about that ALL day), in a suit getting married, but he was quite handsome!  Which was a good thing since Lauren looked absolutely stunning.  While all brides are beautiful on their wedding day, at one point, Lauren whispered to me, "I feel like a movie star."  And she definitely looked it!

You can't NOT have a photo of the kiss.  It's just not allowed to miss that.
After a ceremony filled with the promised crying of happy tears, the celebrations began for The Newlyweds and their guests.  It was such a beautiful event with great attention to detail, but what I loved the most is that most of the guests were family (whether or not there was blood relation) which made a room full of people feel incredibly intimate.

Sometimes when you're having a really great time, you take a few pictures all at once and then forget that you have a camera in your purse.  So here are the few shots taken early in the reception. Enjoy!

Of all the photos I've taken of my mother and Oma, I think this one is my favorite!

I'm not sure what I'm doing here, and it's early in the evening which means I can't blame the bubbly...
Whatever it was, Oma thought it looked like a good time and joined in!
As a preview of Oma's birthday, here she is with Vera.  Two of the three Ladies isn't bad.  And I LOVE this photo of the two of them!
Now a more serious photo.
 As is probably clear, the company was fabulous, but there are a few other things which must be included:

Such a simple, beautiful tablescape.  The purple and turquoise was perfect paired with the silver chargers.
The cheese tortellini vegetarian plate was out of this world!!!
But I would expect nothing less than a fantastic meal and a Julia Child quote from a professional chef.  Thanks Marko!
Per Eastern European tradition, homemade cookies are a staple at weddings.  Marko's grandmother (the third Lady) baked these.  And they were divine the next morning with my coffee!
Evidently it pays to be a chef...the cake was a gift from Marko's former pastry instructor.   In case there was any doubt, it was delicious!
Lauren didn't want the ladies to primp too long in the restroom, so she used positive reinforcement.

The night was filled with love, joy, dancing, and The Ladies having schnapps.  It was a beautiful evening with incredibly beautiful people and the beautiful flowers?  Those came home with me!

While I would not have been offended if the invite would have only extended to Oma and my mother, since my sister and I only met Lauren once a few years back and weddings are incredibly expensive, I felt honored to have been included in this very special day.  Not only was that Saturday in May the official start of their new family, I believe it was also a moment of reconciliation of sorts.  It's very easy to see someone and say, 'Yes!  We should DEFINITELY get together!'  Everyone feels good...and many times nothing happens.  I can safely say, this is not one of those moments - I've already got Lauren lined up for Book Club and the Brunch Meeting to follow and it's only a matter of time when we all get together because someone needs their living room painted...

I want to toast this FABULOUS couple!  In the limited amount that I have personally witnessed, I know that they are incredible to and for one another (also everyone I've spoken with agrees with me on that one).  They will go far and do wonderful things together.

Much love to both of you!  You started your life together beautifully!


  1. So glad you were there to share our special day with us! I got goosebumps looking at the pictures. These are the first of some of the details I've seen including our first kiss. Thanks so much for taking the time to write the post! Hope to see you very very soon! XOXXO! Lauren

    1. SO glad I had a photo of the kiss to share with you! Obviously these aren't all the photos, so I'll start sending the rest over to you!

    2. I would love that! Thanks :) and let's get to planning on the next outing!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I don't even know the couple but I have an idea based on how they styled the event with all the fun personal touches.