Friday, May 10, 2013

Oma's 86th Birthday Soirée Planning

Invitations?  Check.

I have mentioned my Oma (German for Grandmother) a few times in previous posts, but have not really gone into too much detail.  There's SO much that I could say, but I'll just make a general statement and say that she's amazing!  And has been amazing for almost 86 years.  That's right Lovelies, Oma turns 86 on June 3rd!

Last year, we were trying to organize an 85th Birthday Soirée, but she was not too keen on the idea.  Once we were finally able to convince her that a party was necessary, it was too close to the date and we made her agree to a party the next year and to PROMISE that she would not change her mind.  I am happy to report that she has not changed her mind and we are in full-blown planning mode!

Time somehow got away from me (shocking, I know!), but I was able to design and order the invitations from VistaPrint and rush the order.  It was all very simple and, as the Soirée planner extraordinaire, Stephanie, suggested, I was able to very easily find online deals which saved me a good deal of money.  I will definitely be using this site again and will always start with searching for deals online!  (I suggest you do the same.)

I decided on a simple muted purple invite with matching pre-printed envelopes for the occasion and I was quite happy with how everything turned out!

Word to the wise - as fantastic as your envelopes are, you do not need an extra 20.  Trust me on this one.
Port and I settled ourselves at the coffee table with a glass of wine and the address list and started addressing the invitations.

The invites arrived on Wednesday and I had the envelopes stuffed, addressed, and dropped off at the Post Office on Thursday.  By my calculations that should slot them to arrive by Saturday since most of the addresses are local.  I suggest some of you watch your mailboxes!

Up until now, I had never actually sent out physical invitations and I think I'm hooked.  It just adds an element of glam that an Evite simply cannot.  Even the simplest of invitations make people feel special - like you've taken the time and put forth the effort and that just makes it so much better!    

Do you typically just throw an Evite together or have you discovered just how great actual invitations are?  Am I the last one to the party?

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