Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jasmine! Jasmine! Jasmine!

Good Morning Lovelies!!!

It's going to be a fantastic day!  I'm starting it with a fabulous cup of coffee on my balcony while enjoying my jasmine.


It's a tie between jasmine and gardenias for my favorite floral scent, but gardenias aren't nearly as awesome as jasmine, and are significantly more work.  My mother gifted me a small jasmine plant soon after I moved into this apartment and I was very excited!  Previously I had lived in an older house where I had the opportunity to do quite a lot in the yard.  Although I was only there for a year and a half, I was able to plant a lot of jasmine around the patio and was able to climb it up and weave it through the patio supports.  I wish I had photos - it was quite impressive!  I believe it grew as well as it did because of the temperate weather since we lived about 10 miles from the water and the fact that I was able to plant it directly into the ground instead of a pot which always produces better plants.  One of the fabulous things about jasmine is that it blooms in the early summer and the blooms last for a month or two - and in that time, you experience the most intoxicating fragrance.  To me, the scent of jasmine is tied into the experience of warm summer evenings as the blooms are most fragrant at night and right after watering.

I planted this guy last year in May, this was my mother's Mother's Day present to me for being a good kitty mom to Port (as an aside, when I let him on the balcony, he loves nothing more than sniffing the blooms), so unfortunately, the plant was still small and did not produce many blooms last year, but this year, I have been able to get the vines to climb and the amount of blooms is making me VERY happy!  Unfortunately these photos don't convey how lush this plant really is.

Jasmine supposedly attracts love and money into the I'm looking to purchase a few more plants to help me out in those departments!!

Alright Lovelies, I'm off for a fantastic wine pick up day in Temecula!  Since I'm doing the driving, I have to be extra good, so I'm quite excited to come home this evening with my spoils and enjoy a few glasses of wine on the balcony with my jasmine.

Wishing everyone a fabulous, fragrant day!!


  1. I enjoyed waking up to this post; I too am a lover of jasmine and gardenias. My parent's backyard patio is lined with trellises of jasmine and I always loved sitting outside by them, taking in their delicate yet exotic scent, while enjoying a sparkling rose wine or a cup of green tea with the family.

    I was wondering why you said that gardenias are "significantly more work?" Gardenias have a special place in my heart: they were in my grandmother's bridal bouquet, my mother's bridal bouquet, and now they will be in mine this October. I was just curious about your statement because I have gifted gardenia plants for my mother a couple of times, for special occasions, and I do see that they seem to struggle against her "green thumb."

    Regardless, I thought this a lovely morning homage to jasmine.

    1. Thanks Lady!

      I have not personally tried to grow gardenias, but my mother (who has the greenest thumb I have ever seen) has notoriously not been able to keep them alive. I remember her struggling over and over again with them, concocting potions of vinegar and water to help with PH levels, but all to no avail. On the other hand, I have successfully grown jasmine with little more than really good soil and water, which is what made me say that it is significantly easier.

      I LOVE the tradition of the gardenias in the bouquets and I should give growing them a shot because they smell heavenly!

      Glad I was able to make your morning a little brighter with this post!

  2. My neighbor has jasmine in his yard and he asked if he could let it hang on our side of the wall as well so we could enjoy the smell. Of course I said yes! I'm looking to start my own trellis of it on A's balcony. Perhaps I will do it soon so I can enjoy the blooms next year :)

    1. Yes Stephanie, plant some into as large a pot as will work for your space into good potting soil and next year you will be SO happy you did! Also, you've got such a great neighbor to share the wealth with you, such good karma for him!