Monday, May 27, 2013

Oma's 86th Birthday Soirée Planning - T Minus Five Days

Good Morning Kittens!

Happy Three Day Weekend to you!  While most people are taking the extended weekend to relax by a pool and barbecue, the past two days for me have been very busy...and I've got more things on my plate for today that I would like.  Maybe one day soon I'll be able to relax and decompress, but that won't be happening for a while.  Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not enjoying all most of the things that are on my plate, because most of the things that are keeping me busy are social obligations and those are lovely to fill your calendar with!

Saturday I went to a beautiful wedding - more details on that in a later post - and yesterday I spent the day with my family putting the finishing touches on the party we are throwing for Oma's 86th birthday next Saturday.  This day just seemed to sneak up on us, when we started planning we had months!  Now we've got 5 days...I'm truly confused as to where all that time went.  Though month after month of a full calendar is certainly didn't help matters.

Since the party will be mainly taking place in the backyard, I decided that a lighting concept needed to be designed.  I have always loved the look of classic white bulbs - there is something so clean and crisp about them.  Going this route has many advantages - you have a good amount of options and these types of string lights are easy to find.  Really, the most difficult part of the whole process is deciding exactly where to hang them and where to plug them in.  Bonus - it's a fabulous accessory!

I purchased enough lights to line the entire patio (which is very long) as well as the tent which has already been set up and a railing.  Between lights, last minute food details, syncing up schedules (ours and the various people coming in from out of town), and other miscellaneous fun, I spent the entire day at Oma's.  I was debating sticking around for another hour so that I could see our handy work once the sun went down, but I really needed to head home.  I was only home for about a half hour before I received a phone call from Oma and I could hear the excitement in her voice.  She turned the lights on and was so happy with how it looked!  SUCCESS!!  She's decided to keep the lights in her patio up even after the party is over and being able to do that for the sweetest lady I have ever known makes me very happy!  Getting a phone call and being told "Yow, it's soo nice!" just put me on Cloud 9!

Though you can't really get a good idea of how things look from daytime photos, here's a little sneak peak.

I can't wait to see them all lit up!  That will happen soon enough since I'm sure these next few days will just fly by!

Enjoy the rest of your day, Kittens!  I've got to run - much to do!!


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