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Recap of Birthday Weeks 1 & 2

Hello Lovelies!

I thought a recap of the first two weeks of March would be a good way to play catch-up since a lot of fun has already been had.  As you can probably tell, I'm slightly obsessed with my birthday...not in terms of dreading being yet another year older, but I feel like I'm always running around doing things that are necessary and sometimes let that overshadow the fun that should be incorporated into daily life.  As I get older, the amount of things I HAVE to do is starting to eclipse the amount of things I WANT to do.  So, taking a month to do fun things is much needed.  I work too much, so this month it's time to play a little more than usual.

Yesterday I posted about the first Birthday-related March activity, my beloved Brunch.  It was fabulous!  My family came over and we enjoyed some bubbly before heading out.  My sister had ordered an 'oversized' wrap for me a few weeks before finally arrived on February 27.  Right in time for Christmas - talk about fantastic timing!  She brought it by and we were all very confused as to how Baby's First Kerchief could be advertised as an Oversized Women's Wrap.  Any ideas?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Despite its size, it was a beautiful, soft, Houndstooth print (which I'm pretty obsessed with) and since I'd already had a glass or two of bubbly, silliness ensued.  My first thought was that it was perfect (for my aged self) to wear as a babushka.  I then grabbed my glasses and Oma's cane and the transformation was complete!

I think taking yourself too seriously is tragic - obviously.  PS - please note that there is some cleanup  happening in the background.  My mother somehow managed to spill her glass of bubbly all over my carpet, good thing we hadn't opened up a bottle of red wine!  (Throwing my mother under the bus, I know.)

That following Wednesday, on my actual birthday, I attempted to take the day off of work, but ended up working about half the day at home.  A friend took me to lunch and then some amazing co-workers, turned 'My 'Dillo Family' (don't ask, I can't divulge my trade secrets), took me out for some amazing drinks, some truly terrible food, and some epic times at The Corner Door.

photo credit
The French 75s just kept appearing in front of me (I was NOT complaining)

And the rest of the table was enjoying their Moscow Mules.

"Have I told you about how my family invented the Moscow Mule?...That  little bit of history is my  birthday gift to you."
As I lost control of my camera for a portion of the night, I do not have any photos of Suzanne and Hugo also raising a glass, but I do have a few shots that look like this...

Which is even more reason why I'm glad Suzanne snapped this with her IPhone when my jar of puddingy goodness (complete with a candle) was brought out.

Who's the birthday girl??
And the fun train keeps right on rolling... Thursday evening, one of my best friends, Kim, drove down from the Bay Area to spend the weekend with me.  This lovely lady brought down a batch of very tasty, very homemade Red Velvet cupcakes.  While I'm normally not a fan, these were divine!!  On top of her company and her cupcakes, Kim also supplied some fantastic napkins.  Kimmie finds the greatest stuff!!

Friday night, I had a small dinner party.  A very small dinner party.  Okay, there were only 3 of us, but trust me, it was a fantastic party!  And Saturday, a few of the girls went out to a fantastic wine bar, Vinotéque on Melrose.

photo credit
My friend Brianne and I attended a wine seminar there a few months back and I'm actually surprised that it's taken me this long to return.  I have a feeling it will not take nearly as long for my next visit, since the weather will be warming up and they do Vino Cinema every Sunday in their courtyard patio!

photo credit
This place is charming, inviting, and comfortably upscale with fantastic food and even more fantastic wine.  Also their VERY cute Master Sommelier who waited on us that night is so great - he created a delicious wine flight for me based on only a few descriptors I gave him!  I can't quite remember the specific wines, but this consisted of a Rose, a Pinot Noir, and a Syrah/Sangiovese blend.  Delicious!!

Lizzy and Kim enjoyed their flights as well!  Since Brianne didn't have a flight that night, she doesn't get a photo.  Them's the rules.

After a few lovely hours filled with great food and copious amounts of wine, we ordered dessert and even got a little something extra because it was SOMEONE'S birthday!  Both were fantastic, but you really must try the churros if you stop in!

I cannot stress enough what a great place this is.  If you don't believe me, perhaps you will believe the Los Angeles Times.

And as Sunday rolled around, Kim and I had Brunch.  You know, because it's what civilized people do.  I was all pictured out, so here is a photo of Sonoma Wine Garden in Santa Monica I took on a previous visit.  I've Brunched here many times, and I'm not overly upset that I have no photographic evidence since I will be dining here shortly again, I'm sure, so I can give you all the gritty details once that happens.

This is what you'll be in store for at that point...

Whew!  So now we're ALMOST caught up with birthday celebration news.  I should really get back to the whole Vintage Project-related stuff, since that's probably why you stopped by in the first place...


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