Saturday, January 18, 2014

This Charming Dame Lesson 9 - Bring Yourself Flowers

"I must have flowers, always, and always."
     -Claude Monet

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What woman doesn't love getting flowers?  There are few things so simple that can brighten up your day and remind you that someone is thinking about you.  Unfortunately, while the custom of giving flowers dates back hundreds of years, a man bringing a woman flowers today is happening less and less.  (Hell, getting a man in my generation to be upfront and ask a woman out on an honest-to-goodness date as opposed to suggesting 'hanging out' is pretty rare these days.)  There are probably a myriad of reasons that the majority of men are opting to forgo bringing a lady flowers.  Many men may find it cheesy.  They may think it makes them vulnerable, not want to spend the money, or only be interested in one thing when taking someone out...  Though single women are not the only ones who don't always get flowers.

But, Ladies, there is no reason to go flower-less.  None!  I have been buying myself flowers on almost a weekly basis for years now.  Having fresh flowers should not depend on a man bringing them to you.  Yes, looking at gifted flowers can give you some butterflies, make you swoon a bit, and definitely work wonders when it comes to a man getting into your good graces, but why deprive yourself of that splash of color and the scent of fresh flowers if you aren't lucky enough to have someone in your life that understands the importance of the practice of gifting flowers?  We've all heard that we should love ourselves and date ourselves, so why not also bring ourselves flowers?

A flower arrangement as grand as the one in the first photo is something that most women simply dream about.  The smaller one below more closely resembles the size of the arrangements most of us are familiar with.  And Bette Davis proves that something a little less showy can still be pretty glam!

If you've been paying even a modicum of attention to the photos on this little blog, you may have already guessed that my flower of choice is the red rose.  Some might say that they are cliché, but I see them as classic.  Not that I don't like other types of flowers, but I always find myself drawn back to them.  And the next thing I know, they've made their way back home with me. 

Port also seems to like them.

I often remind myself that there are so many other flowers and that I should probably deviate from my floral signature every now and again, but most of the time that there are other flowers on my table it's not necessarily my own doing.  No, those instances usually coincide with the times I've been lucky enough to be the one to get the centerpiece from a wedding.  Coincidentally, that's also where many of my vases have come from.

This centerpiece from Karl and Katrina's wedding was PERFECT and still incorporated my beloved red roses!  PS - black square vase?!?!?  There was nothing that I didn't love about this.

This colorful floral trio was courtesy of Marko and Lauren's wedding.  There was something so luxe about the three arrangements of varying heights that was simply gorgeous!

A few months later, Marko's brother, Zoki married the lovely Karen and this beautiful hydrangea and cabbage centerpiece came home with me.

And how fabulous is this rounded vase??

It actually inspired me to pick up this hydrangea, lily, and rose arrangement not too long afterwards.

Port liked this as well.

The moral of this story is that not only can flowers bring beauty and sentiment to your tabletop, but they can also provide some pretty epic inspiration.

 "Perhaps I owe having become a painter to flowers."
   -Claude Monet

So the next time you pass a flower shop while you are running errands, a flower booth at the Farmers Market, or even the floral section of your grocery store, grab a bouquet and see just what flowers can do for you, beau or no!

Sometimes, Lovelies, you really should stop and smell the roses (in your own home).

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