Thursday, July 25, 2013

Five Thousand Page Views!

Hello My Lovelies!!  I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but thanks to you, loyal Kittens, we hit five thousand page views this afternoon!  No, seriously.

Again, to many bloggers out there, this is chump change, but it's pretty exciting for me.

Since my first thousand views was celebrated with a 1920's toast and dance party (the first iconic decade of the 1900's just seemed appropriate), I thought five thousand called for a nod to the 1950's.  I'm nothing if not creative...

Looking back, the parties of the 1950's seemed quite reserved, yet I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up and getting a little saucy at home!

photo credit

Because that sauciness can take you pretty much anywhere....

photo credit
photo credit
Though I'm pretty sure that once it takes you this far, you will be unable to get yourself out on the dance floor and celebrate by cutting a rug.  So instead of hurting yourself by attempting any foolishness, just sit back with that martini and watch the professionals.  Perhaps you'd be able to get down with this crowd:

photo credit
But these guys are out of everyone's league...

photo credit
And let's not even talk about these kids.  Anyone else out of breath just watching this clip??

I hope this little blog has entertained and maybe even proven to be somewhat educational, though I make no claims that the tidbits of information will help you anywhere outside a really awesome trivia game.

Here's to the next five thousand views, Lovelies!  Can't wait for our next dance party!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meet Port

Hello again Kittens!

I'm back from a FABULOUS vacation and while I am sad that it is over, I'm incredibly happy to be back.  I feel that the two best parts of vacation are leaving and coming home.  

Usually, when I go on vacation, Port goes on vacation as well.  I take him to my mom's where there are always people around and he gets to frolic outside with his brother.  Pinot is my mother's cat and how they bond is really sweet!  While I constantly feel terrible that I leave him alone without any company during the week while I work long hours, I decided to leave Port at home for the first time while I was out of town.  Please don't misunderstand, I am NOT a bad kitty mom - I arranged for my friend and neighbor Bridget to come up and not only feed him, deal with the litter box, and water my plants (Thanks Bridget!!), but she also agreed to hang out with him.  This worked out PERFECTLY since that meant I did not have to drive the hour each way to drop him off at his grandma's house the night before I left and it also meant that I would not have an empty apartment for a week after I got back (both selfish reasons I know).  Perhaps he's more sensitive than most, or I've babied him too much, but each time I pick him up from my mom's after being out of town, he is VERY unhappy with me for having left him - it's quite possible he has separation anxiety.  And it literally breaks my heart.

I checked in with Bridget during my trip and when she told me that due to Port's love of back scratches and his propensity to shed, there was so much hair everywhere that it looked like he had exploded and that he was so cute and entertaining that she might have gone overboard with the treats, I knew I'd made the right decision to leave him at home under her care.  Port won Bridget over long ago and they now have a very special bond.  This does not surprise me, since he has won over everyone he has met.  Seriously.  He has softened staunch dog lovers as well as people who do not like animals in general.  He's magical!

Even Oma who is not an animal lover and has traumatized me with stories of growing up on a farm and having to drown kittens and puppies as they were being born, has fallen under the spell of this cat.  Where before she was pretty callous when speaking of animals - seeing them as belonging outdoors at all times to serve a specific purpose, she has made ONE exception.  And that exception is Port.  Each phone conversation with her includes her asking me, "And how is my baby?"  HER baby!  How adorable is that?

Oma and her baby.
So, where is this all coming from?  Well, A: Port's awesome and B: I missed him terribly while I was away.  I'm very glad to be back with his lap naps and constant purring.  And then it dawned on me...C: I haven't made formal introductions.  I apologize for my appalling lack of manners - I really am quite embarrassed.
Everyone, I'd like you to meet Port.

Quite the looker, I know.
While he is incredibly handsome, he's also incredibly intelligent and works his cuteness at every opportunity, hopping onto things he KNOWS he should not be on.  Like the dining room table for instance.

Or the kitchen counter.

But mainly he just hangs out being cute.

And dramatic.

The lights are SOOO bright!
I can't figure out which Port loves more - hoping into anyone's lap that will have him (which is seldom a problem),

Movie time is Port's favorite.  
Or a good sheet change.  He thinks both are pretty fucking fantastic!

But mainly Port loves cuddles and a comfy blanket.

While spending entire days poolside, only having to worry about reapplication of sunscreen is fabulous, coming home to my little cuddle bug simply can't be beat.

Glad to be back, Kittens!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend and that you often find yourselves with a warm kitten or puppy to curl up with.  It truly is the best!

I will attempt to play some catch up while trying to work around a snoring kitten in my lap soon!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

¡Adios Mi Amigas!

¡Hola y adios mi Amigas!

The girls and I are off to Mexico in a few hours and I couldn't be more excited!  A RELAXING tropical vacation is exactly what I need.  I cannot wait to spend hours poolside with a few cocktails and a good book!

photo credit
This is our annual trip to the A-Mazing Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta!  As a sneak peak, this is the view from our balcony.  Not too shabby.

Have a fabulous few days and we shall catch up when I return.

¡Hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kubrick Exhibit at LACMA

Good Evening Lovelies!

Two weeks ago, my lovely friend Brianne and I decided to get some culture and went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or LACMA.  Our timing couldn't have been better as it was the last weekend of the Stanley Kubrick exhibit.

We started off the afternoon with the Levitated Mass.  I had never heard of this before and Brianne tried to explain it to me.  The way I understand it, it's a big rock.  Yup.  That's pretty much it.  I'm completely dumbfounded by some modern art - behold Exhibit A.

Someone found a REALLY big rock and decided it was somehow artistic.  Then $10 million worth of private donations was spent to build the walk-under and transport the 340 ton boulder from Riverside County to LACMA.  The little teaser trailer for the documentary makes it seem like this brought people together.  That's an amazing thing...but it's still a rock.

Getting the positioning just right to make it look like someone is lifting an object is much more difficult than it seems...

More people attempting the obligatory photograph.
As is pretty obvious, I was underwhelmed by the Levitated Mass.  Though I am never underwhelmed by the LACMA in general...

Stay dreamy.  Stay creative.  Keep playing ball, L.A.!

Super cool elevators to the underground parking structure.

As I expected, the Kubrick exhibit itself was also fantastic!

One of the many things that was fantastic about this exhibit was the fact that photography was A-OK!  Here are some of my favorite shots (I walked away with literally hundreds).

Kubrick on the importance of chess in directing.

VERY large wall of Kubrick's movie posters.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Prospective titles for the film

Scale model of the war room.

2001: A Space Odyssey


So much research for a film that never happened...

Letter from Audrey Hepburn 

A Clockwork Orange

Blurry, I know.  Mea culpa.

After seeing this, Brianne said, "Okay, now I HAVE to see this movie!"

Original newpaper props

The Shining

Photo in the bar.

Heeeeere's Johnny!
Full Metal Jacket

While I've only seen a handful of Kubrick's films (and none at all recently), I just ordered a few from Amazon and will be pulling out The Shining very soon.  Seeing into the mind of a director usually makes me appreciate their work so much more.

Now THAT'S a lens!

After the exhibit, the fun continued!  Brianne had learned about an exclusive four course Kubrick-themed pop up dinner at the LACMA CafĂ©, so we hurried on over.

The chef was nice enough to modify the menu for us!

Starter - Beet Meringue with a Goat Cheese Foam and Almond Dust (Brianne made that last part up).  Ridiculously delicious!!

First course - Watermelon and Heirloom Tomato Salad with Berries and Fresh Mint.

Second course - Kale Roll and Beet Monoliths with Chanterelle Mushrooms atop a delicate Mushroom Foam.  Not only was this delicious, but the smear of beet puree on the side of the plate was such a great omage to Kubrick's use of red in his films!

Third course - 2001 A Space Odyssey:  Barramundi Monolith, Baby Vegetable Solar System, Pistachio Soil, Herbs, Flowers, Charred Lemon Nage.  Indescribable....

"This is the most phalic meal I've ever eaten!" - Brianne
"This monolith is overwhelming!" - Brianne

Fourth course - Full Metal Jacket:  Jelly Doughnut, Faux Cappuccino

Fourth course - 2001 A Space Odyssey: 'Jupiter' Meringue Dome, Chocolate, Raspberry, Citrus, Mint

Needless to say, this was absolutely amazing!

After dinner, we went in search of a restroom and found this fantastic room!  LOVE the floor to ceiling windows and the massive chandelier!

And we found this amazing little art installation - because really, when was the last time anyone actually used a payphone?

Outside, the sun was setting and we were quite entertained at the lengths that people were willing to go to get a good shot of the Urban Light installation.

It was a beautiful scene and a beautiful sunset over the Levitated Mass.

Next stop, the Stark Bar for a drink.

We agreed with Tom Waits and ordered a bottle of bubbly.

And to end the night, we spent a little time at the Urban Light installation.  This really is SO beautiful and so iconic!

At a certain point, we succuum to the same temptations of getting that perfect shot...

It was an absolutely fabulous day!!

When was the last time you visited a museum, Lovelies?  If it's been a while, I definitely suggest you do so as soon as possible.