Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mad Men Cocktail Hour - The French 75

Hello Kittens and Happy Sunday!

I'm VERY excited that tonight marks the season premiere of The Newsroom!  There are very few shows that I watch, so I tend to get a little more excited than most about them.  Since I turned her onto this show, Bridget and I will be resuming our Sunday night ritual of watching a show and having a cocktail.  Before we begin a new show, I'd like to share how we ended this past season of Mad Men.

 I selected the French 75 as the evening's cocktail, but knew that the finale called for something a little more special, a little more festive.  So, I referred to Bridget's Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook for a little inspiration.

Since dinner wasn't an option, I decided a few appetizers would be perfect.

Not necessarily the prettiest set up, but everything was pretty damn yummy!

I wasn't going to make this myself, but what's outstanding is that I don't have to.  Picking it up at the store is really the only way to go.

Whenever I think of h'orderves from this era, I automatically think of Betty Draper filling celery sticks with a goopy mayo concoction.  I wanted to do something a little different and when I came across this, I knew it would be PERFECT to stuff the celery with!  GENIUS!

Unfortunately, there was not nearly enough to nibble on to counteract the damage that the MANY French 75's that Bridget and I consumed inflicted.  It's no surprise that this cocktail that was invented at the famous Harry's New York Bar in Paris and named after the French 75mm cannon from WWI.  While this cocktail seems innocuous enough, it packs quite a whallop!!

I'm not going to go into the details of the Mad Men season finale because SO much happened, but I will just say that it was brilliant and set up a fabulous season!!!

One of the things that I am most looking forward to is the trajectory that Peggy and Ted's relationship is going to take.  I can't imagine that they will be writing him off the show after everything that happened in the last episode.  And the last interaction that they had was heartbreaking:
"I love you that deeply, I can't be around you.  And I can't ruin all those lives...  Someday you'll be glad I made this decision."
"Well, aren't you lucky.  To have decisions."  (because Ted took hers away!)

And then there's the disintegrating relationship between Don and Megan...

"I don't even know why we're fighting for this anymore.  I don't know what it is.  We don't have any kids.  You want to be alone...with your liquor and your ex-wife and your screwed up kids...I used to feel pity for them but now I realize we're all in the same boat."

Last two scenes were perfect.  Peggy in Don's chair and Don taking the kids to see the whore house.  "Why are we stopping here?  This is a bad neighborhood."

I'm not sure where things are going, but I AM sure that where ever it is, it will be fabulous!

Until next season, Lovelies!

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