Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kind of Obsessed with Caught a Ghost?

Good Evening Lovelies!

Like the first week of every month, the last few days at work have been especially heinous.  My reality has been long, long hours at the office staring at spreadsheets only to still take work home with me (super glamorous, I know).  Thankfully I've had some amazing tunes to get me through!

Recently, I discovered a band that, if I'm being honest, I've become kind of obsessed with.  I have essentially had their tracks on repeat for the better part of five weeks.  OCD?  What's that?

I find myself in the minority of my generation in that I am not plugged into the pipeline of new music, and for the most part, I'm okay with that.  An ex-boyfriend referred to me as an Old Lady many times over in reference to my love of old music (and cardigan sweaters).  There are many reasons why he is an ex, but the fact that he could not appreciate my love of jazz, blues, soul, and standards is merely one of them.  How anyone cannot appreciate the music of a bygone era is beyond me.  Yes, there are current bands that are producing some really amazing material, but most contemporary music (in my opinion) lacks the emotion and the soul that used to be commonplace.  That is not the case with Caught a Ghost.  They. Are. Amazing!

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Caught a Ghost, is "an old expression.  Musicians used to say you caught a ghost if you gave a good performance.  Like you were possessed."  That is how the genius behind this project, Jesse Nolan, explains the band name.  And the logic behind the name gives you some idea of what you are in for.  There is very little about this band that doesn't somehow tap into a very honest, beautiful, hip-shaking musical place.  There is a very strong influence, inspiration, and connection to Motown, but every aspect of their neo-soul look and sound feels true to themselves.  There are no gimmicks, there is no cashing in on a lie.  This is real.  And it's absolutely beautiful.  

I first discovered them when I heard a phenomenal cover of the Sam Cooke classic "You Send Me."  It gave me chills and stirred something inside of me.  And I was instantly hooked.  See for yourself.  Tell me you don't have a visceral reaction to it.  I dare you.

I played this track for my mother and she enthusiastically gave it her approval.  Since she is from the generation of the original, I think that's a pretty strong endorsement.  And now, in listening to Sam Cooke do this song, I find it somewhat lacking and honestly...kind of hoaky.  Blasphemous, I know!  There just doesn't seem to be much feeling behind it...something the Caught a Ghost version has in spades!

Understandably, after discovering this song, I immediately went to ITunes and downloaded everything I could get my hands on from this band (which admittedly was not much since their only EP was released in early 2013 and I'm sure I'm not the only one eagerly awaiting a debut album).  I downloaded their two singles and their EP, Nightworks.  Unfortunately, in trying to grab a link for you guys, it appears that the EP is no longer available for download anywhere - I am truly sorry to lead you on this way.  But there is some good news - you can still purchase the You Send Me cover and also the No Sugar in my Coffee single.  Which are fantastic!!!  (For the record, if I don't have sugar in my coffee, "it makes me mean, Lord, it makes me mean" as well.)

While you may not be able to currently download their EP, you can most definitely still find the videos on YouTube.  For some reason, I can't get the video for Hold Out to post, so you'll definitely want to look that one up on your own, or just follow this link that I thoughtfully placed here for you.  And to make things a little easier for you, here are their other videos.


Time Go

Sleeping at Night


And while the music is fantastic and Jesse Nolan is undeniably incredibly talented, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the fact that he is also super dreamy and can rock a suit like nobody's business.

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I seem to have TERRIBLE timing as this band is currently on tour and played LA on October 26.  That's right, I missed finding out about the show by about a week!  And to make matters worse, by the time they tour again, I have the feeling tickets will be much more difficult to come by.  Good for them, not so good for you and me.

If you are anywhere on the East Coast, you might still be able to catch the last leg of the tour as they are currently in Birmingham and will end the tour in Washington, DC on November 16.  If you make one of the shows, PLEASE let me know how it was, and know that I'm super jealous!

Happy Listening, Lovelies, I hope Caught a Ghost resonates with you as it has with me.

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