Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Fabulous Sunday Ritual...Finally!

Good Evening Kittens!

I had planned to post this oh, about eleven months ago, but I haven't been able to do so honestly until now.  Yes, I suppose I could have posted whatever I wanted and really, if it had been a complete fabrication, no one would have been the wiser.  But that's just not my style.  So I waited...and waited...and waited until I could do so honestly.  And the day has finally arrived!!!

(In case you didn't follow - that day is today.)

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but when I started The Vintage Project on January 1, 2013, I thought it would be fitting to have a Sunday Ritual.  I love traditions, but it seems that most are relegated to holidays or birthdays or other such occasions that come around quite infrequently.  That's not what I was interested in...we've all got plenty of those.  With the fact that I 'live my life in crisis mode' (a phrase coined by perhaps my most fabulous Lady, Stephanie), I've always wanted to be able to end my week in a truly fabulous, decadent, and relaxing way.  The prospect of having both a productive and indulgent weekend seemed like a pipe dream.  It was truly my Moby Dick.  I somehow never felt like I was able to fully come down from the previous week and my weekend enough to be recharged to do it again.

My story is not unique.  I'm not the only one with a lot of stuff going on or the only one that feels like they can never accomplish everything on their list.  But nonetheless, it's been driving me crazy.

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I'm not sure what happened this weekend exactly, but without planning it, I was finally able to have the Sunday that I've been hoping for the past eleven months!  The stars aligned and it was pure magic!

I had Brunch scheduled for Sunday and it was very probable that we would end up back at my place afterwards, so on Saturday, I slept in, cleaned the apartment, and got my nails done.

Sunday's Brunch was fabulous (most on that in my next post), but earlier than what has become normal for me as I was more impressed with their breakfast menu and they stopped serving that at 11:00.  Which meant there would be no dilly-dallying and that we needed to be punctual!  We finished Brunch at around 12:30, came back to my place for about an hour to finish catching up, and then I hit the grocery store to stock up on a pretty ridiculous amount of produce.  I was back home by 3:00.  Seriously?  Seriously.  I was shocked too!  Perhaps there is something to be said for getting up early...

A little while later, I pulled out a (I'm ashamed to admit) rather dusty mat, popped in a yoga DVD for beginners, and did a decent job of getting closer to the zen I seem to be continually searching for.  I recently purchased a few yoga classes in Playa Del Rey, but feel like I need to get myself acclimated with the basics before I take myself to a class.

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As I was well on my way to complete relaxation and decided to pour myself a glass of wine, light a few candles, and draw myself a hot bubble bath to really push myself to the bliss that I was so close to.  I shall post at some date in the future about the FANTASTIC little cubbyhole in my bathtub that a wine glass fits perfectly into!  It's pretty spectacular.

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Once my body felt like complete Jello, I pulled myself from the bath, slathered myself with lotion, and applied a mud mask.  If I hadn't still had to make dinner, I would have topped the very fashionable look off with some cucumber slices over the eyes, but if skipping the cucumbers is good enough for Lucy, then it's good enough for me!

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I poured myself another glass of wine, quickly threw together my Mexican-Style Quinoa, and enjoyed an incredibly peaceful evening knowing that I'd been productive (cleaned the apartment, ran errands, got my nails done, went grocery shopping) and also indulged myself more than I can remember doing in a very long time.  It was so incredible, that come hell or high-water, this will be happening every Sunday!  Alright, I'm open to slight variations as long as the day ends with me feeling as good as I did last Sunday....

We all have the tendency to put other people and other things before ourselves and it feels really good to put yourself ahead of everything else, even if for only a few hours once a week.  It's okay to be selfish.  Especially if it keeps you sane!  Do you have any rituals that you've established just for you?

Let's raise a glass to small traditions that put a smile on our faces!  Even better if that glass can be raised while in the tub!


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