Friday, April 5, 2013

Postponement of The Vintage Project Book Club March Meeting

Hello My Lovelies!

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I just recently heard the phrase 'It's better to be late than to arrive ugly.'  While that got a good giggle from me as I'm chronically late, I didn't take offense to the saying as I'm sure many have.  Spending hours on hair and makeup isn't necessary for a woman to be beautiful - but taking the time to put yourself together, in my opinion, shows respect for yourself and your host or guests.  Putting yourself together and being adequately prepared is just good manners and while I haven't quite mastered the whole preparedness aspect of this, I'm working on it...

Which brings me to my point...I am admitting that I am NOT adequately prepared to host the March Book Club Meeting for Oil!  Therefore, it will take place later in April - I'm hoping for next week.  I miscalculated and chose the longest novel we've had yet (over 500 pages) for my busiest month yet.  That was brilliant!  Although I LOVE this novel, it's long and dense and I had not anticipated it taking this long to'm not quite finished with it yet.  I WILL get better at this - I promise!

Stay tuned Kittens, the meeting is not cancelled, but postponed ever so slightly.

Your patience is appreciated!


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