Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's Baby Shower 04.06.2013

Hello Darlings!

When was the last time you went to a truly fabulous baby shower?  I'll give you a minute to think about that...take your time.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Most baby showers are tedious affairs that are more of an obligation than anything else - no matter who the mother to be is.  Personally, I went to an absolutely fabulous shower just last weekend.  One of my best friends and arguably the most fabulous pregnant woman you will ever meet, Stephanie of Love and Lace, is having a Little Lady of her own and it's a pretty safe bet that I'm just as excited as she and her husband are...alright, one step below their level of excitement, but still more excited than I should probably be since it's not my actual child.  I am not a baby person.  In fact, I find most babies to be pretty awful, but this particular one, I'm SUPER into...even before she's arrived.  I suppose I have to be, with the fact that my ever-present partner in crime will soon be a mommy and our fun will be significantly affected.  If I don't like the little squirt, I'm royally screwed.  But I digress....

Stephanie has wanted a little girl for a long time now, so as soon as she found out she was going to have one, this Mistress of the Soirée began planning her Breakfast at Tiffany's themed baby shower.  The fabulosity started with the Tiffany Blue onesie invites.  Despite the fact that my kitchen may forever shimmer if you look at just the right angle, how could I NOT love this fabulous invite?!  PS - if you love the invites, you can get them at Stephanie's Etsy shop!

Before we actually get to the shower, let's take a minute to talk about the fact that if anyone knows what's good for them, they will invite me to their baby shower.  I tend to go a bit overboard...but in my defense, there are very few baby things that aren't ridiculously adorable!  Alright, perhaps 'going overboard' is not the appropriate phrase...if I'm being honest with you (and I feel that we're at that point in our relationship that I can be), I totally lose my shit when confronted with baby clothes!  Even with taking many, many things out of my cart, I've already spent a small fortune on this child...and most of the things I didn't purchase have just been put into the 'next time' category.  (I may very well be screwed.)

In German, 'Tante' means Aunt and I've already decided that I will be 'Tante Melinda' and also that I will be this child's favorite person (outside of parents and grandparents).  And in this role, I will be responsible for teaching her many things.  One of those things is that tutus are not just for ballerinas - and I'd like to go on record to say that ballerinas are WAY better than Princesses.  I could write a brief dissertation on the evils of Princess Culture, but I'll leave that for another day.  So, even though I already purchased a black and white dress with a black tutu skirt (couldn't help myself, I HAD to!), I decided that I also needed to be the one to get her her first pink tutu (technically this is a pettiskirt, but it's close enough).  And that kicks off the highlights of my baby clothes purchases (because who doesn't love baby clothes?).

I discovered a FABULOUS site, Rufflebutts.com, where I was able to get the skirt, coordinating shirt, and the BEST thing I found - personalized, embroidered ruffled diaper covers!  And while I was at it, I figured she would need little striped leg warmers, so I picked up a pair of those as well!

I then headed over to Old Navy after seeing Stephanie post this onesie on Pinterest.  I'm pretty sure I have found my Achilles' Heel - and it's anything with a ruffled bottom.

But truthfully, I really liked this little Parisian Kitty onesie better.  Though, no matter which one is your favorite, the little shoes might just trump both!  What's nice is that I stayed with a theme, so the shoes perfectly compliment both these and the set of plain onesies - versatility is always a plus!

I'm seriously obsessed with these shoes!

As ALWAYS happens at Target, I went in to get wrapping paper and walked out with another sizable baby clothes purchase.  Will I never learn??  But when you are faced with black scooter skirts, black and white striped onesies, pink coats, and grey and pink kitten outfits, it is nearly impossible to resist!

And I would have been stripped of my Tante title had I not provided this Little Lady with her first pair of sunglasses...

Now, onto the shower itself.  This was a co-ed brunch - so less of a traditional shower and more of a party.  What was nice was that there were also no traditional shower games - just good people and fantastic food and refreshments.  

In addition to some fabulously themed cupcakes, there was a real focus on learning.  It's really never too early to start.

What WAS traditional was the opening of the gifts.  There were some really cute gifts and Stephanie had a really cute helper!

I was very happy that both our parents-to-be seemed to be as enamoured with the pettiskirt as I am! 

It was such an enjoyable afternoon and I'm getting excited that we are nearing this Little Lady's arrival.  She's not even here yet and she is already very much loved!  Such a wonderful way to come into this world.

Welcome to the world Darling!  Your Tante Melinda can't wait to meet you!


  1. Aww...kind words lady!

    Beyond in love with all her little outfits.

  2. Oh my goodness! This breakfast baby shower was fantastic. I am in love with all these party decorations and arrangements. Our niece’s 6th birthday is coming and I am making plans for an outdoor brunch party at some local event venue New York and will cook all the food on my own.