Monday, April 1, 2013

April Book Club Selection

This past month has simply flown by, Ladies and Gents, and we've found ourselves back here for the unveiling of another Book Club Selection!  A very fine place to be, in my opinion!

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As you may have guessed, The Vintage Project Book Club's April selection is F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic The Great Gatsby.  I'm quite partial to tie-ins and with the fact that Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation is being released next month, I thought it appropriate to re-read this novel.  And, you know, since I run a book club and all...this was the obvious choice!  As an aside, I'm very excited about the film, as I'm a huge fan of Luhrmann's style - he's so incredibly visual and breathes so much life into material that some might consider it overwhelming, but I just consider it fabulous!  Couple that with this story and The 20''s sure to dazzle!

Most of you are probably like me in that you haven't read this since high school and I'm hoping you'll join me in giving this one another go!

The previous three Book Club selections have hailed from the L.A. Weekly Tournament to find the best L.A. Novel ever written, but I'm shaking thing up a bit (weak cocktail reference for the time period) and going to the BBC's list for this one.  You can see The Vintage Project Book Club listing in its entirety on the Book Club page.  I've updated it for April.

I hope to see you at the April meeting.  It's safe to say there will be cocktails!


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