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Vino Love 01.08.2013

Sort This Out Cellars - 2008 VinoNostra

Good Evening Lovelies!

I think wine is one of life's great pleasures.  Aside from loving wine itself, I also love the experience of finding a new vineyard, a new blend, pairing a great bottle with the perfect meal and a good friend, and I LOVE sharing my love of wine with those who either haven't given wine a fair chance or haven't had someone help them understand all the choices they have.  Whatever your taste preference, there is something out there that you will like and I will have a fantastic time helping you find it.

All that aside, one of my favorite things is coming home after a long day at work and unwinding with a nice glass of wine (and perhaps a bubble bath).  

Where is all this vino love coming from?  Well, for me, that's pretty standard, but specifically tonight, I did not end up leaving the office until after 8:00 and still had to run to the grocery store - which meant that I got home right before 9:00.  This is what happened as soon as I took off my coat:

I opened up this bottle without realizing how phenomenal it was going to be.  This is Sort This Out Cellars' 2008 VinoNostra - I bought it without tasting it last June when I went up to Santa Ynez with my mother.  We went up for a Wine Club BBQ at Gainey, one of the wineries she belongs to.  We stayed in Solvang and heard the music from Sort This Out Cellars' tasting room once we got back to the hotel, so we ventured down for a drink.  The tasting room was pretty kitschy with a rockabilly vibe, so while it was a fun atmosphere, I was immediately skeptical of what they would be pouring - but the wine was surprisingly good.  It might have been all the wine that had been consumed that day, but I ended walking away with this very interesting looking bottle - a limited release secret red wine blend that is a nod back to Prohibition Era wine making.

Since the VinoNostra blend is top-secret, I've been trying to figure out just what varietals are in this bottle (I suppose I could make a case that I am imbibing for scientific purposes, but really, that would be a lie).  An interesting aspect to this wine is that each sip seems to bring out something I didn't taste before.  I'm pretty sure it's mostly cab with some syrah, perhaps a little cab franc, and grenache for the subtle sweetness.  This is a super smooth wine without overwhelming tannins, it's fruit forward, exhibiting light dried fruit flavor and subtle hints of chocolate and spice.  I will definitely be getting another bottle of this...as further research will be required!

While the whole concept for this winery doesn't seem very sophisticated, it speaks to just how unpretentious wine can be.  And how fun!  This is from the Sort This Out Cellars' website: 'Inspired by an old picture of the Rat Pack outside The Sands hotel in 1961, we called upon the values of a time when men had character, and women had curves. A time when you could smoke, drink, curse, and have a good time without apology. We built our wines around this classic American adult spirit, so eroded by political correctness and fear, to create wines that were unapologetic in their character. Wines that pair with good times and friends. We make wines that are just as at home at the poker table as the dinner table.'

Salud Kittens!

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