Friday, January 4, 2013

Debut of The Vintage Project Book Club

Hello Kittens!  I just created a page for The Vintage Project Book Club. 

Who's interested in joining this very upscale, very exclusive club?

I'm starting a book this weekend that isn't on the list, and have decided that the first official book club read will be the first one listed - 'What Makes Sammy Run?' by Budd Schulberg.  This is the first selection in LA Weekly's tournament to find the Best LA Novel Ever. 

Find it on Amazon

I'd like to start this novel next Sunday (January 13) and want to give those of you who are also interested a chance to get back to me, finish any books that you might currently be reading, and procure a copy of the book.  Since I've never been involved in a book club before, I am looking for feedback regarding how much time we should allot for each one, I'm thinking one a month would be good.  You can essentially come and go as you please - reading only what interests you and what you have time for.  Also, members near and far are welcome - for those who are local, we can physically get together (please be forewarned that hats may be mandatory for these meetings).  Those who are a little further out, perhaps cannot make meetings with their schedules, or have an aversion to hats, nibbles, and delicious libations are welcome to participate in discussions via page comments.

Please take a look at the new page and let me know what you think.

The Vintage Project Book Club


  1. Love this idea, I'm in! Procuring the book this weekend. I'm also up for having the occasional meeting at my tiny-tiny pad in Hermosa, hats,nibbles and libations are a definite :)

    1. FANTASTIC! I'm thinking start whenever you like and just plan to be done on January 27? Unless I hear about huge issues with that date, I think it's a good plan.