Thursday, July 25, 2013

Five Thousand Page Views!

Hello My Lovelies!!  I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but thanks to you, loyal Kittens, we hit five thousand page views this afternoon!  No, seriously.

Again, to many bloggers out there, this is chump change, but it's pretty exciting for me.

Since my first thousand views was celebrated with a 1920's toast and dance party (the first iconic decade of the 1900's just seemed appropriate), I thought five thousand called for a nod to the 1950's.  I'm nothing if not creative...

Looking back, the parties of the 1950's seemed quite reserved, yet I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up and getting a little saucy at home!

photo credit

Because that sauciness can take you pretty much anywhere....

photo credit
photo credit
Though I'm pretty sure that once it takes you this far, you will be unable to get yourself out on the dance floor and celebrate by cutting a rug.  So instead of hurting yourself by attempting any foolishness, just sit back with that martini and watch the professionals.  Perhaps you'd be able to get down with this crowd:

photo credit
But these guys are out of everyone's league...

photo credit
And let's not even talk about these kids.  Anyone else out of breath just watching this clip??

I hope this little blog has entertained and maybe even proven to be somewhat educational, though I make no claims that the tidbits of information will help you anywhere outside a really awesome trivia game.

Here's to the next five thousand views, Lovelies!  Can't wait for our next dance party!!

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