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Kind of Obsessed with The Bar Method?

Hello there Kittens!

I know I've apologized a few times for not being around more.  But really, that's just a nice way of letting myself off the hook a bit for neglecting you.  Who decided giving me a blog was a good idea?  Oh, that's right, that was me...

In my lonely little solitary June post I mentioned that I was focusing on establishing an exercise routine.  For me, working out on a regular basis has never really stuck.  Now I'm realizing that I simply hadn't found the right activity - that is until I found The Bar Method!

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Every woman was once a little girl who dreamt (at least once or twice) of being a ballerina.  There is just something romantic and ultra feminine about gracefully gliding across a stage in a tulle skirt.

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It's easy to understand why little girls would want to grow up to be like these statuesque, graceful dancers.  Even to the women who have seen the horrific effects of pointe shoes (if you haven't, DO NOT Google it unless you have a really strong stomach), the cut-throat politics and drama behind the scenes à la Black Swan, and the eating disorders that are common among ballerinas, there is still something alluring and beautiful about ballet.

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That was one of the main reasons why my friend Bridget originally wanted to try The Bar Method - she still harbors her fair share of ballerina fantasies.  Personally, I'm not into the pointe shoes and bloody toes, but I do very much admire the lines of the long, lean bodies, the flexibility, the great posture, and the graceful way in which trained dancers carry themselves.  So off to The Bar Method we went!

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The Bar Method Marina Del Rey offers an absolutely fantastic introductory special that we purchased.  This offer is an unlimited 30-day membership which I used to take 14 classes, though now I really wish I would have gone more often.

Initially I was very intimidated to try this combination of Ballet, conditioning, Yoga, Pilates, and light weights.  I had never taken a group class before and, honestly, I had allowed myself to become very out of shape, so trying something like this was not high on my list of Things That Sound Like a Good Time.  In my head, I saw this happening:

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Or perhaps this:

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But that didn't happened.

Though, if I'm being honest (and I feel like I can be honest with you), something like this DID happen.  While it doesn't seem like it would be, lifting your leg up and off the bar without the using your hands is incredibly difficult - at least it is within the first month!

watch the clip - it's hilarious!!
Was The Bar Method difficult?  Yes.  Did I find myself unable to do things that seemed like they should be easy, things that pregnant long-time practitioners could do with ease?  Yes.  Did I have a good time?  Yes.  No.  Sometimes?  Was it worth every minute?  Absolutely!

The Bar Method is amazing and I've become a total convert, singing its praises to anyone that will listen!  I just finished my first month and in just that short period of time, I'm seeing changes in my body that are incredible.  I'm seeing definition in my chest and shoulders, noticing muscles in my arms where there were none before, my waist is shrinking, my legs are becoming leaner, and I'm starting to develop 'bar butt!'  Oh - and I've lost a pant size!!

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I still have a ways to go until I reach my goal of being in fantastic shape and while my smokin' introductory deal is done, I am definitely sticking with The Bar Method (despite the hefty price-tag)!  In particular, I'm sticking with the Marina Del Rey location.  I absolutely LOVE everything about this studio!  The instructors are amazing - I am convinced they only hire people who are blessed with photographic memory as each instructor has the uncanny ability to remember the name of EVERYONE in class, even if it's your first class and you've only given them your name once!  They are so supportive and encouraging and you truly feel like they care about your progress, your form, and they remind you that each day is different and to honor your body and what it can do that day.  (I much prefer that to someone yelling at me like a drill sergeant at boot camp.)  The other practitioners at this location are also fantastic.  Everyone is so nice and there is this feeling of community.  There is no judgement or competition and people are so open about their journeys and experiences.  Many of these women have been regulars for years, so they have a lot of experience to share!  When someone who has been practicing The Bar Method for years tells you that this is the best studio they've ever been to, you know you're in the right place!

If you live in Southern California and find yourself near Marina Del Rey, I HIGHLY suggest checking this place out!!  You have nothing to lose and a 'bar butt' to gain!  And perhaps you'll become obsessed as well!

Until next time Kittens - tuck-tuck-tuck and embrace the shake!!

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