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Mad Men Cocktail Hour - The Grasshopper

Good Evening, Lovelies!

Last week, I found myself without any form of cocktail tie-in.  Since the Kentucky Derby was the week before, choosing the Mint Julep was a no-brainer, but this week I simply went to the AMC website, closed my eyes, and pointed.  So, the Grasshopper, it was!

In all the times that I've browsed the cocktails on this list, I've always thought the Grasshopper looked very retro and very interesting and when I told Bridget, my Mad Men Partner In Crime, of my selection, she told me that it was her mother's cocktail of choice when she was a single girl out on the town.  PERFECT!

This is definitely NOT a Draper cocktail as Bridget and I have come to call many of the classic cocktails we've tried.  No, this is most definitely more of a Betty cocktail.  Even Peggy wouldn't drink a cocktail this girly, but you know, sometimes you just want something yummy and pretty.  While I am not a fan of the super sweet drinks, the fact that the Grasshopper tastes like a Girl Scout Thin Mint in a glass, makes it really fun!  Made of equal parts green Crème de Menthe and white Crème de Cacao and light cream, it's a super simple cocktail.  Since I had half and half on hand, I used that and the result was delicious!

Unlike most other cocktails, the history of the Grasshopper is very cut and dry.  Philibert Guichet, Jr., the owner of New Orleans' Tujaque's Bar and Restaurant entered the Grasshopper into a cocktail contest and won second place in New York City in 1928.  Yes, 1928 - before the repeal of Prohibition in 1933 - I'm pretty sure you had to 'know a guy' in order to get into this contest.  Over the years, different variations have been created and when Bridget told me that it was simply too sweet for her, I made a batch of Flying Grasshoppers which substitutes vodka for the cream.  This variation is far more potent, but I preferred the creaminess of the original.  Try them both and decide for yourself.  I promise you it will be a fun evening!

With our cocktails in hand, we settled in to watch the fifth episode of this short season and all I have to say is WOW!  There was sex and violence and computers trying to make people gay (at least according to Ginsberg).

SO much happened, but let's stick to the highlights.  Stephanie, the REAL Don Draper's niece calls Don from L.A. and tells him that she is pregnant and needs some money.  He tells her that he will be out the next day and sends her to Megan's to get a shower and something to eat.  He genuinely seems excited to hear from her.  Mainly I think because she is the only remaining link to his past.  When she gets to Megan's, there is an awkward sexual air between the two of them.  After Stephanie has a shower and begins talking to Megan, she feels threatened that this girl might know Don better than she does, she freaks out, writes her a check for $1000 and sends her packing.  Megan is ALL over the place this episode!  And this character that I've never particularly liked is now just someone I'd like to see gone.  But not before one should go before Lou does!

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Don is delayed at the office by Asshole Lou and is not able to get to L.A. until the next morning.  While it made Don and everyone else incredibly irritated, I'd say hearing this exchange made it worth it for most people.
Lou:  "You know who had a ridiculous dream and people laughed at him?"
Stan:  "You?"
I laughed out loud and Bridget spilled her Grasshopper on my couch.

So, Don makes it to L.A. only to find Stephanie gone and Megan getting ready for a party that night.  It was just uncomfortable to watch.  Don's on edge and Megan seems too stupid or too dense to realize that what she's doing is pushing Don closer and closer to completely losing his shit.  After she pushes pretty much every one of his buttons, she decides the best way to fix their problems is a three-way.  Um, no.  But Don being Don and having all working parts, goes along with it, but leaves for New York the next morning.

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Back in New York, Betty is still terrible, but we're seeing that Henry is as well.  It's actually pretty sad, I liked Henry for a long time, but when Henry tells her to effectively keep her mouth shut and leave the thinking to him, I about lost it.  "Keep your conversation to how much you hate getting toast crumbs in the butter."  Really, Henry?  You may not be as crazy as Betty, but maybe you deserve her immature, self-righteous butt!  While it's really irritating at the time, it's pretty funny to look back at her behavior, like when she tells Henry that maybe she WILL run for public office, because, you know, she's smart - she knows Italian!!

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We know for certain that Betty is delusional, but I never quite realized how mentally unstable Ginsberg was.  You would think that the most talked about scene of this episode would be the threesome, but it came in a distant second to the last scene between Peggy and Ginsberg.  The last two episodes Ginsberg has been freaking out over the new computer, screaming that it is trying to erase them ("but can't erase this couch!"), but it is not until working on a Saturday alone in the office that he cracks.  He tries to stuff his ears full of tissue to drown out the computer's humming (which no one else seems to hear) and sees Cutler and Lou standing very close together in the computer room.  This has him convinced that the machine is making people gay, so he goes to Peggy's to work and then tries to have sex with her to prove that he's not gay.  Perfectly logical.  At the office on Monday, Ginsberg goes into Peggy's office, confesses that he loves her and that his behavior on Saturday was just a build up of pressure.  He tells her that she shouldn't worry, because he's found a way to relieve the pressure and hands her a small box.  But there is no ring in the box.  No, it's his nipple that he's sliced off.

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Poor, poor Ginsberg.  Driven insane.  I'm sad to see him go down this path and sad to see him go, but things are changing and fast.  Don was given information about the agency going after a new cigarette company and that, after his Big Tobacco manifesto a few seasons back, Cutler and Lou were going to use it to force Don out.  Don shows up at the meeting and proves to the potential clients that he's indispensable.  Don's back.  And I'm excited!

We're only a few minutes from the next episode.  Whether you're watching in real time or On Demand-ing it, like we do, I wish you happy viewing!

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