Monday, May 12, 2014

In Celebration of Mom

Hello there Kittens!

As I'm sure you're all aware, Mother's Day was yesterday.  To celebrate, I spent a fabulous day with my mother, grandmother, and sister.  My sister and I made Brunch and we spent a quiet day in with fantastic food, fantastic company, and a few bottles of bubbly!

Not that I ever really forget, but it again reminded me just how lucky I am to have these ladies in my life (parkas and all).  Mother's Day is a day to bring things back into focus.  In the relationship between a mother and her daughter there will be many fights and tests of will and even periods of time when the two of you are not on speaking terms.  These are rites of passage and are inevitable.  Also in the relationship between all mothers and daughters is the love that can erase all that ugliness.

For the moment, I am simply a daughter.  I can only imagine what it is like to be both mother and daughter and what it is to realize that all the special things that were done for you, you have also done for someone else.  Aside from the whole giving birth thing, these very special ladies read to us.

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They made sure we ate our vegetables, whether we were happy about that or not.

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They made us feel like we could do anything - even if it that only meant figuring out how to get something to work...

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Or how to NOT burn the cookies.

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They taught us that sometimes a good hairdo can take quite a bit of work.

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They made us believe that a kiss could make everything better (which I still believe is the case most of the time).

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And that there is nothing better than a little silliness now and again.

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Here's to all the Mamas that made us feel loved and safe and even coordinated outfits with us from time to time.  At the end of the day, our mothers are human, but for most of us, they were our first heroes, which made them larger than life.  They were smart and beautiful and could do absolutely anything - and they were our first glimpse into what it meant to be a Lady.  I remember watching my mother in fascination as she put on her makeup, wishing one day to be able to do the same, to be able to wear heels like she did, and be able to smell as pretty, because, to me, she smelled better than anyone else in the whole world!  No one's childhood is perfect, but for a little while, most of us thought that ours was.  If you had a mom like mine, you thought that nothing bad could ever happen, she wouldn't let it.

'Thank You!' to all the Ladies who gave little girls hope that, they too, may one day be as fabulous as their Mommies.


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