Sunday, October 6, 2013

Color of the Season - Vamp

Hello Kittens!

I hope your October so far has been fabulous!  As happens every month, I've spent the first week of the month working long hours, so I have yet to start enjoying the fantastic month of October.  Well, that is, until this weekend.

I know that in the past few years, there has been this nail art fetish thing happening.  And it's not something that appeals to me in the least.  While some might call it boring, I call sticking with non-bedazzled nails painted in solid traditional colors, classic.  And I have established some season-driven rules for myself when it comes to nail color.

The color that I've always associated with fall is Chanel's Vamp.  It's absolutely fabulous!  And yesterday afternoon, I went and got a mani/pedi using this color and it now officially feels like fall.  The shot below is a little deceiving because it REALLY makes this look like a brown, but look at this shade in different lighting and it looks completely different.  Oh Vamp, you're so mysterious!

Obligatory 'see how the shade looks on my nails and in the bottle' shot.  Please excuse my short chubby fingers.

Originally called Rouge Noir, this color was created in 1994 when a makeup artist mixed red and black polishes together for a Chanel runway show.  It was originally meant to be the same color as dried blood - an intense dark brownish reddish black, which doesn't sound like something that would appeal to many people, but it created such a buzz that they started selling the color and it flew off the shelves.  The premiere episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer series actually knocks this shade a little bit.  Airing in 1997, Cordelia is trying to establish how cool Buffy is and this exchange happens:
Cordelia:  "Vamp Nail Polish?"
Buffy:  "Um, over?"
Cordelia:  "So over."

In a certain respect, it IS very reminiscent of the 90's and that decade's obsession with goth and grunge, so it's not completely surprising that it was discontinued at the end of the decade.  Though after a few years, the demand was so great that in 2003, Chanel really had no choice but to bring it back  and since then, this cult color has become a classic.  And I'm SO happy about that!  Who wants to fall in love with a color only to have it discontinued?  That would ruin October just a little bit for me, and we can't have that.

Unfortunately, our Book Club Meeting picnic today had to be rescheduled, so I'm off to grab my first pumpkin spice latte of the season and run a few errands to truly celebrate fall - even though it's far warmer than it should be in October.  Welcome to L.A.!

Have a fabulous October Sunday, Kittens!

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