Saturday, February 1, 2014

It Wasn't You, It Was Me

Oh Kittens, it's so fabulous to see you again!

While we've been on a little break, I assure you, it wasn't you, it was all me!

If you've dropped by often enough, you may have noticed that I tend to put in an obscene amount of time at work.  After many conversations, meetings, spreadsheets full of stats, flowcharts, and breakdowns in private, I'm FINALLY getting some relief!  They have split my current responsibilities in two (which will create two manageable workloads) and it's garnered me a promotion!  Good news on all fronts!

Unfortunately, before things officially get better, they tend to get worse.  And worse means essentially living at work.  There's a lot of cleanup, documenting of processes, and training...all while still trying to keep up with the new stuff.  So, for the last two weeks, my life has consisted of little aside from work.

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You have my word that things will get better, and we'll be spending more quality time together very soon.  I have so much planned and it's going to be pretty fabulous!

Now to get some work done - thankfully from my couch today.

See you soon, Kittens!

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