Monday, February 25, 2013

Vino Love - deLormier Winery Primitivo, 2010

Alexander Valley, Sonoma County

Happy Monday Kittens...alright, you and I both know that's a stretch.

Mondays are notoriously difficult and I find that a glass of wine can be instrumental in ending a less than stellar day on a better note.  

Last month I ventured up to the Bay Area for one of my closest friend's birthday celebration and, naturally, we spent a day wine tasting in Sonoma County.  To be honest, I enjoy both the wine and the atmosphere of Sonoma County better than I do Napa County.  I've been all over Sonoma, but this particular trip took us to deLormier Winery, a spot I'd heard of since my friend is a member there, but I'd never actually paid this place a visit or even tasted their wine.  deLormier is a beautiful winery that, while it's very much out of the way, is definitely worth a visit.  

photo credit and winery write-up
This was our first stop of the day.  I apologize for the lip balm smudges on my tasting glass...

deLormier has it all - a beautiful tasting room, wonderful staff, and fantastic wine!  One of the bottles that I purchased was their 2010 Primitivo.  I hadn't heard of this varietal before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and when I did a little research, I was not surprised to learn that it is very closely related to the Zinfandel grape.  This particular bottle was incredibly fruit forward.  Both the nose and flavor is overwhelmingly that of black cherry.  I got minimal tannins and, unlike a true Zin, I didn't get any spice.  I kept tasting and looking for something else, but simply kept coming back to black cherry.  Quite yummy!

I opened up this bottle on the weekend and had the last glass this evening.

Such a smooth, delicious way to end a Monday...

Salud Kittens!

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